Domestic Violence Victim Becomes New Author


Domestic Violence Victim

Domestic Violence Victim

Teen mom, domestic violence victim becomes college grad and new author: Blogger and author PhatPhat was among the one in four female victims of domestic violence and rape before she turned to a new chapter in her life by helping others avoid the same looming pitfalls. 

Nowadays, the Purdue University class of 2008 graduates is the solution to the problems facing today’s youth – by writing and speaking about domestic violence, rape, teen pregnancy, and building a support system.

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can,” says the Gary, Ind., native with nearly 6,000 views on her PhatPhat Memoirs blog. “Many teens and young people are just extremely misguided. I know I was;  from rebelling against my mom to caving into peer pressure on so many levels. In the blog, I share my story from how I entered bad relationships to being on the streets and getting pregnant at 16. It’s a matter of making good and bad decisions.”

The blog details her life trials and triumphs as a teen and young woman, which led to pregnancy and welfare before turning her life around for the better. One piece of advice she offers is to “think before you act and plan ahead.”

The raw and straightforward blog will be at the heart of her upcoming book series also titled PhatPhat memoirs. Most recently featured in the Gary Post-Tribune and a guest blogger on such websites as Girls Like Me ( during Teen Pregnancy Month, PhatPhat also speaks at various events targeting domestic violence and pregnancy.

PhatPhat was born and raised in Gary, Ind. At a young age, she set herself apart as a straight-A student with an attitude. She was rebellious. She had her first child at age 16, but that’s not what defines her.

She took charge of her life and went on to get her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University Calumet in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis on Child and Family Services. In an effort to speak to and help young women just like her, PhatPhat started a blog, PhatPhat Memoirs.

The blog reminisces of a sometimes turbulent childhood, yet relatable upbringing among her blog followers. So much so, that PhatPhat Memoirs: The series will publish its first book this fall. In addition, PhatPhat speaks out on teen pregnancy as well domestic violence and other issues that hit home for today’s youth.

To read the blog, follow PhatPhat on Twitter @PhatPhatMemoirs.
Also, PhatPhat Memoirs: The books series will be available this fall.

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