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Dinner and State of Mind

Dinner and State of Mind

We can all relate to the daily returning question of: “Mother, what are you preparing for dinner, tonight?”

Well, I can tell you my secret now: Just put off the regular trips to the supermarket for a couple of days, and then get inspired by opening an almost empty fridge… Now, depending on my state of mind, I’m actually able to do some of my most successful dishes, starting with this potentially unmotivating sight!

Oh, look here! There still is a piece of ginger root in the vegetable tray and some shriveled green peppers. A closer look in the door of the fridge, reveals a pack of fermented soja, opened months ago. Great ingredients to make a Japanese Miso soup!

Now, where is that leftover sushi algae leaf and green onion I saw a few days ago? Of course, if you’re out of garlic and/or virgin olive oil, you’re in serious trouble! I’m always thankful for the fact that when we shop, we shop for an entire orphanage. That means we always have plenty of … something or another.

The “main ingredient” for a great dinner is the state of mind you are in. In my experience, if you cook from the heart, everybody will be at your feet. (This, of course, does not include your own children as they are probably spoiled rotten already and would prefer a peanut butter sandwich or worse: a pizza! – yuck!)

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