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Being Chinese and Dim Sum

Being Chinese and Dim Sum

Do you like dim sum?  Did you know that the two words in Chinese mean “touch the heart?”

They are always served in small satisfying amounts to warm the heart and appease the stomach.

And there is a wide array to choose from such as ha-gow, siu-my, fun-gore (steamed dumplings) beef balls, barbeque pork buns, noodle rolls, and even small dishes of black bean spareribs, broccoli, and chow mein.

These favorite assortments of delectable mouth-watering morsels are wheeled to your table on food carts to choose from and they are not limited to any set time of day either.

These little savory yummy tidbits, both sweet and salty have their own unique delicious flavor and are available usually all day long and can be eaten at any time, such as mornings, noon, mid-afternoon, or even for “sieu yeh” a late-night snack.

It’s better to go with your family or a large group.  That way you can select and try more dishes and I’m sure that you’ll be happy that you did.

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