12 Questions to Answer Before Having a Baby

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Before Having a Baby

Before Having a Baby

Many people come to the point of their lives when they think it’s the right time to start planning to make a baby.

It’s usually when you graduate and find a job where you feel relatively secure. More importantly, when suddenly, you have the feeling that all of your friends are talking about planning for a baby or pregnancy and motherhood.


Making a baby is one thing, but raising a child is something completely different. It is one of the most fulfilling and challenging tasks that you feel have to do in your adult life. That’s why it is important to discuss thoroughly with your partner to see if you are prepared to deal with all that parenting brings. 

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Planning for a Baby

We compiled in this article a list of questions that are critical to consider when planning on having a baby. We hope that you will find them interesting and useful. Let’s have a look. 

Is It the Right Time?

You have to make sure that you are really in the right stage of life.  If you are entering your 30s, you might be hearing your parents and cousins telling you that your biological clock is ticking, and you need to become pregnant now. That’s not true.  

Take your time, and see where you and your partner stand career-wise before you start planning for a baby. Maybe one of you will have to delay your career plans for some time. How are you going to decide who will that be? Or could you manage to both continue your dream jobs while taking good care of this new living being? 

Money Question

From baby care products to college tuition, you have to make sure that you are financially stable enough to provide for the kid. Maybe you will have to make certain sacrifices at some point. Discuss with your partner when planning for a new baby to see what kind of compromises she or he is willing to make if necessary and if they worth it.


You gave birth, and after a few weeks of maternity leave, you feel entirely ready to go back to work. You break the news to your partner, but he expresses strong disagreement arguing that mothers should stay at home. Don’t you wish you’d discussed this before you began planning for a baby? 

Another scenario would be that you both want to work and think your parents will be great for taking care of a kid. How to decide whose parents should have the honors? It is better to talk about these things before the baby arrives to understand whether you are on the same page. 

Baby Duties

It is not something you should talk about after you woke up five times per night for the past month. Before planning a baby, talk with your partner about sharing responsibilities. Okay, there are things that only you can do, like breastfeeding, for example. But if you are also expressing, your partner can give the bottle to the baby when you are not nursing. Also, he can be in charge of changing diapers or bathing, and so on.  


You have been agnostic your whole life, and your partner grew up in a robust protestant family, but you never felt this was an issue for you. That may be so, but things might change when a baby arrives.  Do you want your kid to grow up in some religious atmosphere


You may be firmly against your kids sleeping in your bed or even your room, but your partner feels differently about it. Talk it through before you are so exhausted that you can’t even think about it without arguing.  

If It Is a Boy

Many people nowadays don’t care so much whether they have a son or daughter. If this is important for you and you are planning for a baby boy, you have to put a particular focus on some things. For example, some people want to circumcise their son even if it is not required by religion or medicine. Thankfully this isn’t something you need to worry about when you are planning for a baby girl.


Not being on the same page is one of the worst things it can happen when you are raising a kid. Talk about the methods you want to use and those that you don’t want under any circumstances.

Social Gender Roles

You might want to raise your kids in an environment where there aren’t men’s and women’s responsibilities, colors, toys, tasks, and so on. But you don’t want your partner to disagree with you on this, so you have to make sure that you understand the world in the same way when planning a baby.

Coming out Issues

Even the most open parents can dread this situation, mainly because of the other family members. It might seem too far right now, but when planning for a baby discusses in detail with your partner, how are you going to handle all the adverse reactions if your kid is a lesbian or gay.  


These are just some of the questions you should discuss with your partner when planning for a baby.  It is essential to talk about this because it gives you an idea about the things that will go smoothly and those you will need to work on. Do you have some suggestions for important things to discuss before embarking on the parenthood journey? 

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