Backdoor to Communications


Backdoor To Communications

One day, it seems long ago, people befriended each other in conventional ways, nowadays this is common by way of the Internet, where one can find daily changes in uploading/downloading almost anything.

Backdoor To Communications
The Chinese character for friendship

Sometimes, due to these changes, one has to stop & think “How can I connect with my dear friend and colleague Angie.”

I can tell you it’s not like the old days when one had not heard from a friend or family. You went to their home and knock on their door. One could still do that today but for some friendships that door could be on the other side of the World, LOL.

So you stop and think as a child we just by faith spoke out loud what we want to share and it was done. In some cases, this kind of connection between two souls can happen.

Then, at this time, it is still the process of bonding between the two of us [Angie & I] hehehe. Anyway, later today I will try to share these things with the Veterans of today in a class on art therapy.

So they could have both visual skills and the power of the written word to find a safe place to put the emotions of their time in a war whereof it may have been.

Angie has been a wonderful friend and colleague. She does her best to help others like myself by sharing their stories. I thank God daily for her friendship and a backdoor to communications.

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