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This post is being made at Angie’s Diary.  For some reason, which may be connected to causes that I am aware of, or ones that I am not aware of, the general vibe over at WordPress was so different today that I can’t even blog from there today. 

As far as technology goes, I am not totally inept but I am not the one who invents these things…..I have known a couple of people who are more like that and appreciated the complementary differences but it is not always convenient. 

If you like short fiction stories, I admit to you that my own work is good enough that I would recommend it.  I am aware that like all artists, not everyone will favor my work for style and content but there a lot of people who will naturally like it. 

another-locationWhat is Trillium and Sharbenau the Squirrel are both written with children in mind and are ‘child safe’. 

The Future of Engineering is one of the short stories designed for adults.

In 2012 Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time was published.  Jimmy Bodeilo stories are always for kids.  Unlike real people, Jimmy Bodeilo will probably not ever grow up, but not due to what we would ordinarily think of as ‘a handicap’.  He is not autistic; he is a fictional boy, and therefore, does not age normally. 

Right now, in order to read these, you have to know the English language.  I am open to contracts wherein I get paid and they get translated and more people can read the stories, but right now that is the limit.

For adult nonfiction, I would have to recommend to you Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them by Miriam Pia.  This is well worth your time if you want to take a deep look at life.  Otherwise it would do better as a present for someone you know who tends to think deeply about life.

If you like urban fiction stories and tales where good triumphs over evil then you might really like An Adventure in Indianapolis, which is also by Miriam Pia [actually; she didn’t have to ghostwrite these]. 

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