An Unexpected Joy!


My thanks to Angie and to everyone who caused me to receive the acknowledgment of the Author of the Month July 2012 Award. This is an unexpected joy. 

I feel like both laughing and crying because at this point my efforts and my ego are more like a clown’s balloon animal shape toy to entertain a child than anything else I can think of, except corrugated …cardboard.

Please read An Adventure in Indianapolis, go to Uranian Fiction to find out about other writing projects my name is actually associated with on some level…There are a few ghostwritten books I associate with…but 200 or so articles and blog posts I did as pro contracts but [makes another strange facial expression, like the look of a woman after her married-to-another-woman’s lover ,dumps her just days after wild sex in a hotel room] I have nothing to do with those – you know I did the work and was paid and they are out there but no one needs to know.

Please tell all your friends and post your opinions where others can read them.  Thank you all so much:  in reality, I have wanted to receive good support and to share my talents with others without…just being abused by the greedy….or by my own ‘personal shortcomings’.

I think it looks enough like a poodle to make a sick hospital patient happier – or does it need another twist?

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