An Ancient Art Became Lucrative Fashion


Art is what makes everyone turn their eyes onto it.

realistic-tattooOne of the foremost and ancient art ever is the drawings, paintings and the extraction of them are the tattoo making.

Starting from the tribal art, areas in which people are interested, dancing people, no matter on whatever things people are fancied, can be given a tattoo at the desired skin location of the individual.

-Health issues
-Future thoughts

Above-mentioned are some of the problems people may face because of the tattoo they employ. There are even books on tattooing which show tips for safest manner for getting a tattoo done, such that it shows the considerations about how the tattoo will be viewed in future.

Getting tattoo on the skin is not a big problem. The place where you get the tattoo is the major thing you should care about. There are a lot of tattoo parlors and tattoo shops, which give a beautiful output. Professional tattoo makers are seen in high-class parlors that use needle machines and combinations of various colored inks as per the demand of the customers.

Life time of a tattoo may vary as per the methods that were involved in making the tattoo. Tattoos get faded as time passes by. Shaded tattoos mostly have a short lifespan because of the light colored nature they possess. High level of skill is seen in the machines and composition of materials that are used by professionals and in reputed parlors, which can make the tattoo look neat and long lasting. Assurance is also given that there will not be any skin related problems, itches and allergies.

Colors that are preferred by people to make a tattoo on their skin varies with the color of their skin. Usually light skinned, brown skinned and dark skinned people are most seen. Light greens, yellow shades, bubblegum pinks are not that preferred to those who have dark skin. The popular style, which has originated long back, lies in a combination of black and grey. This style uses various shades of black ink to give a clean look for the design.

As black and grey is the most opted combination for tattoo, extra venous shades of grey are created by mixing small contents of black ink with white that results in dust white; a form of grey shade. Lighter changes from thick black can be made by embedding small content of distilled water to the original black.

The importance of black and gray according to the Psychology of colors is that gray is the stamp of exclusiveness. Black is notation of elegance. Though most of the people have a negative imagery on black, it is the best contraction for the rest of colors. Proper usage of black gives distinction and a vivid view in designing process. These are also the reasons for the craze over Black and Gray tattoo in the present trend world. Neat finishing of the Black and Gray tattoo lies in the hand movements given by the tattoo maker.

  • Slow down the hand movement
  • Speeding up the machine motion Hand pressure applied on machine
  • Shape of the needle tip used in the machine
  • Careful tattoo lining

These are the areas to be taken care of in the tattoo making process.

Dilution and non-dilution of inks, creation of inks using glycerin and vodka, are few other tips that are followed to give a neat outlook to the Black and Gray tattoo. If you want to make something creative of your tattoo then choose a good parlor that produces the exact replica of the design causing less pain and uses the best possible procedure.


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