All Children need is Love


All Children need is Love

LOVE matters. LOVE counts. LOVE is a Priceless, Inseparable, Unconditional Bond. Yet, what fills & thrills the soul of Human Beings from birth on, is being enjoyed. JOY is a state of being that happens by choice. We allow it to happen, We cause it to happen, We intend it to happen and it does.

I beg of you to notice that LOVE is a bond that you have no control over. LOVE is not designed to budge. Once LOVE wonderfully happens to us all, in all our relationships and especially in our relationship with our children, it’s here to stay.

All Children need is LoveYet JOY trumps LOVE every time for in matters of Human Beings thriving, JOY wins.  JOY is the Higher Call for it takes place by choice. When you enjoy your children, you are choosing to enjoy your children. Your children know JOY when they see it and will literally thrive from it.

Being enjoyed at every age we enter into and out of, for the PERSON that we all are, fills & thrills the soul as nothing else can.  Only good will come from enjoying the PEOPLE that are our children.

If you find that you are not choosing to enjoy your children then your priceless, inseparable, unconditional bond with your children will still remain steadfast yet will register as being less & less important than the true joy your children are designed to seek.

Even though you will lay your life down to Protect & Defend your children, Your children will turn to people who enjoy them rather than turn to you if you are not enjoying them, and rightly so wouldn’t you say. Your children have a soul to feed which is typically more important than food or water. Your children, just as you and I would, will turn to fake joy when true joy is nowhere in sight.

This is Memorial Day, A day we publicly honor Past, Present & Future Troops who choose to give all as an act of Honor. They gave all whether they felt like it or not. AS PARENTS we have the same calling, to give all whether we feel like it or not. Like Our Troops, something always matters more than how we might feel from one moment to the next.

In Battle, getting the job done is what matters. Yet in raising Human Beings, the way in which we raise our children has everything to do with who they’ll choose to be as a PERSON their entire lives. AS PARENTS, Ours is the Higher Call and I’m sure all troops would agree.

The Quality of Our Children’s Lives literally depends upon whether we choose to enjoy them from one moment to the next for the PERSON that they are. Your children are brilliant. They know themselves, They know their true calling and They know you. When you fully out to enjoy them, you will literally be saving their life. For once they have the real thing from you, they literally will not settle for anything less in their lifetime.

“Stay Strong & Joyful”

  1. Avatar of maria grazia swan
    maria grazia swan says

    I beg to differ

  2. Avatar of Dexter
    Dexter says

    I so much agree! Children are the most precious creatures, we should listen to them and learn from them.

  3. Avatar of LisaBlairHathawayAuthor
    LisaBlairHathawayAuthor says

    Hello Maria Grazia… Thank you for responding. When you have a moment, I would love to hear how you differ. Lisa

    Hello Dexter… Thank you, The PEOPLE we call CHILDREN are far more noble & integritus than anyone gives them credit for. I am happy you hear you honor their presence. Lisa

  4. Avatar of Dallay
    Dallay says

    I enjoy your post. I’ll keep on reading your post regularly.

  5. Avatar of Harold Folken
    Harold Folken says

    You totally demonstrate the same thoughts that I was thinking before reading this. Children are so precious and often underestimated. Please keep readers such as myself engaged and keep producing such great content.

  6. Avatar of Mark Ebenstein
    Mark Ebenstein says

    Noble article, thank you and be successful!

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