A Life Defining Moment

A Life Defining Moment
Int. Space Station crew member Tracy Caldwell Dyson, 2010.

A Life Defining Moment

Walking through Nordstrom’s with me, she was smiling as she was in remission from her second cancer in less than five years; lung cancer.

We were celebrating and shopping together. That is what we did every Saturday until she was really sick with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. You would have never known my Mother had cancer outside of the home. Nordstrom’s was packed that day, and there was a big sale.

I flew in from California to spend time with her, as the family did not think she was going to make it and I was very worried about her and her health.

We did not purchase anything, just loved walking through the store. Even if we did not have a lot of money, Mom always made us look like we were millionaires and we were the only ones that could purchase a jacket retailed at $300 for $20 any given day; we were bargain shoppers.

My Mother saw something I did not do on this particular day. We were leaving the store, and she quickly said, “That is what I want for you!” I said, “What are you talking about, Mom?” This is when my life-defining moment occurred.

“I want that for you, Meg. I want someone to be able to take you into any store and say buy anything you want in the store. I want you to have options to work or not work as well. That is what I want for you, Meg.”

I turned to the right and saw an elderly couple and the gentleman was holding his wife’s clothes and smiling. He was in total awe of her; it showed in his face; the eyes see through a person’s soul. I was irritated.

I told my Mom, “Mom that simply does not exist any longer.” It exists, yet is unfound at this time. It was simple. She did not want me to struggle as a single parent as she did in her life; she only wanted the very best for me.

I wait for that man, the man with the awe-inspired eyes, yet never wallet of cash.

  1. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Meg, thank you for this perceptive and penetrating article, replete with genuine love and compassion, Family truly is the most important thing.

  2. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    My first thought was and is “How is your mom?” This expedition must have been physically challenging for her.

    Moms always want more for their children or at the very least, the same, but never less than what they have. It is good that she has you.

  3. Avatar of andrea
    andrea says

    I enjoyed this story a lot.

  4. Avatar of Eva Blaskovic
    Eva Blaskovic says

    Lovely article. I have seen this as well: “He was in total awe of her; it showed in his face” — often sought, yet so rare. It is what I wish for my kids.

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