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A Completed Circle

A Completed Circle

A Completed Circle

The man and woman walked hand in hand on the beach. The waves crashed upon the sandy shore with a force matching the love within their heart.

The sun settled low in the sky, an orange-red globe against the backdrop of the pale blue sky. The finger-like clouds pointed down upon the couple with heaven’s blessing.

To the beach-goers scattering the shoreline it was a day like many other days, but to this couple, it held special meaning. Today they would celebrate their love, promising to cherish each other until death do them part.

The wedding vows were spoken.

The woman stared at the man with love bright in her eyes, obvious to onlookers who witnessed this amazing moment. Her heat pounded a heavy rhythm against her ribs; each beat a tribute to this man who completed her circle.

The man gazed down at the woman, tears misting his eyes. He stood so proud, professing that he would protect her, support her, and love her until his dying day. He lifted his shoulders and stiffened his back as if to prove his strength to this woman who completed his circle.

The silver rings were exchanged.

This man and woman became husband and wife. A promise made between two people who were connected as deeply as the ocean and the beach and the sky and the clouds. A blanket washed over them, binding them as one.

Years passed and the husband and wife walked on this beach, hand in hand. Time had made changes in their faces but it hadn’t touched the profound love they shared. They stopped and the water splashed over their feet as the sun set in the sky. The husband’s eyes filled with tears. He didn’t bother holding them back. He no longer had anything to prove. Each day he had loved, protected, and given his full support to his lovely wife. In return, she had cherished him and given him a love that would carry on into the next life. The circle was complete.

Dedicated to my husband…

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