911 In These Times – 2020


911 In These Times, 2020

911 In These Times, 2020

Writers like me are continually searching for the flow of ideas that will get them published.

“You can negotiate with terrorists, not with publishers, i.e., or Trump. However, Trump is the subject of today, 9/11/2020. He is deeply hostile to many immigrants and the planet itself, by drilling and drilling. He has no interest in preserving the environment. He only takes. He also has no interest in Climate Control. In his heart, I believe he thinks it is better to be hated for what he is than to be loved for what he is not.

Different Lifestyles

Are you ready to take in mom and pop when Social Security is dumped as he’s threatened when reelected? I love my four kids, who are all adults now but living with them is not an option. Parents and older kids both have different lifestyles. We rest, they party. We save money for a rainy day; they spend money and use credit cards. Children ask questions, and teenagers know everything. Those who return home when grown are now facing the same threats that have come before. Life is a circle, whether we want to believe it not.

The Current Administration

Unfortunately, unlike fantasy, psychologists have determined, if mom and pop expressed their love for what you did for them, rather than who you are, you would likely grow into a person who wants to build walls to keep others out, like our present leader. While many of us look at Trump like a diaper – self-absorbed and full of shit, he should look to his supporters to pay for his wall.
Our new Senator Harris is right; we are a country with two justice systems, one for the rich and one for the poor. One for the black and other immigrants, and one for the elite class that wants it all.

Find Humor

There are so many jokes on the net about Trump. Such as, if you’re wondering how Donald Trump changes a lightbulb? He holds the bulb and waits for the world to revolve around him. (by ThaJokes) Today is a time to find humor and rebirth. If you can’t do what you usually do, look around and do something different to serve your fellow man.

In these times, when humans get cornered, they will act like wild beasts. “The cosmos is within us. We, humans, are made of star-stuff…” advised Carl Sagan. He was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator.

All Colors

We must vote for a different way of life. Indeed, normal is not inexpressible grief and affliction. Normal is not the color white. Normal is all colors, all races, land of the free, and home of the brave immigrants, who came here looking for a way to serve and have a little piece of the American dream. What we need now is to get our brains fired up and our hearts open to change in our everyday lives. Beginning again is what humans do.

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    Joyce White says

    Both Trump and his wife have been diagnosed with Covid-19. He was taken to Walter Reed Hospital this afternoon. We wish him, his wife and all the journalists and visitors to the Whitehouse well.

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