7 Reasons to Study for Your BSN Online


Study for Your BSN

Study for Your BSN

Online nursing programs are more popular than ever and are gaining a lot of recognition as well.

One particular program has seen a 15% increase in applications for both their online and offline programs, and we can only expect the trend to keep growing.

Many wouldn’t expect a subject like nursing to work in an online setting. Still, the tools and advancements that have been made in online education allow online students to get roughly the same experience and the exact same expertise as students who go the traditional route. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why you should consider getting your BSN online.

Perfect for Working Nurses

One of the biggest benefits of getting your BSN online is that you can get it while keeping your job. A lot of registered nurses would love to get higher credentials but feel stuck. Add to this the hectic schedules they often have to deal with.

With online programs, you can easily arrange your schedule around your studies. Some programs even allow you to watch course material in your own time within a certain time frame. This could allow you to study in the morning before you go to work, or in the evenings when you come back.

Not having to go to school physically could save you a lot of time. Less commute time means more time that you can dedicate to your studies. Studying online could also make logistics much simpler for a busy parent. Having to pick up children after your shifts then having to go to school could be nearly impossible for you. Not to mention that you’d have to find someone to look after them if you’re a single parent. No need to worry about this with online programs.

You also have the possibility of taking your classes on the weekend if you want to make things easier for you. Or some might decide to dedicate themselves to their course full-time and get an easier schedule at work. Either way, no other option gives you the flexibility an online program does.

As Rigorous as Traditional BSN

Another thing you have to dispel immediately is the idea that online education is different from traditional education. You will get the same credentials and level of education as any nursing student, and your degree will be respected the same way.

Online nursing programs have to go under intense evaluation before they can get accredited. So, if the course you’re taking has been accredited by a respected regulatory body, you can expect the same standard of education as any other course.

Two of the accreditations you should look for are the AACN and CCNE. Having these ensures that you will not only get top-level education but that your degree and credits will be recognized.

Great for Non-Nurses

Maybe you were in another field and suddenly felt the calling to become a nurse. The path to a bachelor’s in nursing can be very intimidating for someone coming from a non-nursing field. Some who already hold a bachelor’s may also dread the idea of having to go back to school for 3 to 4 years to get their qualifications.

However, one of the great things about online BSN programs is the high number of accelerated BSN programs available. Accelerated nursing programs from universities like Baylor allow students to get their credentials much faster than through the traditional route. This course was made for non-nurses and will allow you to complete your program in as little as 62 semester hours. This is a great option if you wanted to help the profession get through a rough patch and make a difference.

Advance Your Career

If you only have an associate’s degree and want to get access to better positions, you have to consider going for an online BSN. Both BSN and ADN degrees prepare nurses for entry-level roles, but the BSN offers better upwards mobility and will set you up to get higher credentials more easily in the future.

There’s also a significant gap in average salaries between nurses with an associate’s degree and those with a bachelor’s. It is estimated that ADN registered nurses earned about $40,000 per year on average vs. around $70,000 for those with a BSN.

The Experience

One thing that might surprise you about online nursing programs is the learning experience. While some will assume those to feel alienating, they are anything but. Communication tools allow students to communicate with other students and teaching staff easily. Students can go back and forth with teachers in real-time in a way that would be almost impossible in a traditional setting.

Not to mention the convenience of having all of your classes and course material available on the cloud. If you missed something from a previous class, all you have to do is find it and get the information you need. You won’t need to worry about leaving an important book in your locker before leaving for the weekend or leaving paperwork behind on a desk; everything is just a few keystrokes away.

Lower Costs

You’ll also be able to save a lot of money by going for online classes. You can expect to pay roughly the same for tuition, but you won’t have to pay as much on transportation, room and board, or any other expenses related to on-campus living. You’ll also be right close to home, so no need to spend so much on takeout.

More Options

Last but not least, online nursing programs allow you to apply to more schools. Some schools that were out of the question because of distance become a possibility now. This is also great for those living in rural areas or those with severe faculty shortages where they live.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why an online BSN is such a great idea. If you were thinking of it, we suggest that you speak with a few schools offering those and see if they’re truly the right option for you.

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