Mystery of Everyman’s Way


Finding a corpse is a disturbing thing to happen. Finding one’s own corpse is just plain insane, but that’s exactly what happens to Dr. Case in “ Mystery of Everyman’s Way”.

His corpse turns out to be his mortal form from over a century and a half in the future – and before Case can ever ponder how this happened his life just gets weirder and weirder – as he’s whisked off to another dimension, and may unwittingly become royalty, where finding his future corpse doesn’t seem so weird.

“Mystery of Everyman’s Way” is a non-stop thrill ride for science fiction fans, and would be a popular lend for community library collections catering to them.

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  1. Paula Boer says

    Sounds fun. Is it going to be a standalone story or the start of a series?

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