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Macabre Tales

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Macabre Tales

“Macabre Tales” – If you stop to think about everyday things happening in your life, and then turn a speculative, scientific, but definitely weird glare on that activity, you would begin to understand the type of stories written by Tony Thorne MBE.

For instance, his parting tale, WASHOUT, describes how a man finds his wife frozen in place by fright, holding a knife, standing near their washing machine. I loved the ending of this one! I found Tony Thorne more droll than truly gruesome. His concepts are clever, his writing sharp and quickly to the point and he closes with a quiet flourish. He delves into personal areas, our daily lives and asks you to consider the alternatives that are conceivably possible, if only…

Macabre Tales by Tony Thorne MBE1 Macabre TalesBut then, again, there really might be a bit of truth just waiting to be scientifically researched and created!

Highly recommended for a true exploration of the macabre.
– GABixlerReviews 


Macabre Tales is a collection of short stories that will amuse and entertain you to no end. These are stories that I would be comfortable sharing with family and friends. Each story is moderately short, so if you don’t have a lot of time for reading, this would be a great choice.

I found myself on the edge of my seat during one story, then smiling and chortling during the next. This collection is very imaginative, and original.

If you want a unique entertaining experience, I highly suggest you put this collection of short stories on your list. 
Rebecca Minto, USA

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