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Bodies of Water: I discovered I am trying to do things way too fast these days working on two new books this year. Sometimes it brings me exciting results, however.

Bodies of WaterBodies of Water, Review: Bodies of WaterBodies of Water, Review: Bodies of Water by Rosanne Cash (yes, award-winning singer/songwriter), enticed this normally non- fiction reader by its huge white title and famous name author. I never saw the tiny, uncapitalized words above her name in light gray on blue-black “fiction by.” Of course, this was a purposeful, planned publisher prank to lure busy buyers.

Bodies of Water, Review: Bodies of WaterHalfway through the book, as I was trying to believe this was biographical, the editor in me said, This is can’t be. Only then did I see those faint gray words on the blackish front cover. Halfway through, because of Rosanne Cash’s poetic writing, I was both hoodwinked and hooked.

Why hooked? Sometimes somebody lets you come inside and be serendipitous with them within their story. That’s the beautiful gift I received from Rosanne Cash as I read her compelling book of unabashed honest streaming consciousness characters, story after story after story. For you busy, cut to the chase readers: Hyperion chose to offer this gift to you. Buy this book!

Bodies of Water, Review: Bodies of WaterBodies of Water, Review: Bodies of WaterFor those who would like to make a more discerning decision, I will share some of my exciting discoveries about Cash’s characters.

The nameless performer shares, I don’t know how to love myself out here and time has not been a helpful teacher in that regard.

Of Elsa, Cash reveals, She hated it when people told her not to worry. Worry was a very private affair, on a par with sex and religion.

Shelly says I do not court insanity, but I flirt outrageously.

The fact that Cash chose France and French settings for her stories add ambiance to the adventures.

Finally, I enjoyed one character’s New Year’s Eve ritualBodies of Water, Review: Bodies of Water.

Good read? You bet. And all at once, as I did on a sunny Sunday while reading on my walk. A small book, only 133 pages with really wide margins; o]! Enjoy! Let me hear your thoughts and which characters spoke to you.

  1. Clair says

    She spells her name “Rosanne.”

    1. Angie says

      Correction made – thank you Ellen Clair – Answer Girl!
      Impressive Blog you run, my compliments.

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