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How to Improve Writing Syntax with Software

Writing Syntax with Software

Writing Syntax with Software

Overview: Word software programs, such as Microsoft Word, provide a remarkable resource for writers wishing to improve the syntactical structure of their prose.

For example, it incorporates basic grammar instruction for sentence organization, accompanied by a dictionary/thesaurus to improve spelling, vocabulary, and overall literacy, which may significantly enhance writing mechanics with persistent practice.

Improve Writing

Step 1

Improve writing with dictionary definitions, a thesaurus, and tools to strengthen vocabulary. Perhaps you wish to find the definition of a word in your printed essay saved in Microsoft Word. If you right-click the word using your mouse, a small window appears, featuring various options such as, “lookup” and “synonyms”.

The “lookup” option provides a dictionary definition of your word. The right side of your screen displays a dictionary with its meaning, usage, and word type (noun, verb, adjective) in different grammatical contexts.

Your “synonyms” tab directs you to a thesaurus of synonyms or words with the same meaning. This attribute alone provides an invaluable resource to not only enhance writing, but with practice, ameliorate vocabulary knowledge, significantly enhancing verbal skills, literacy, and general language facility for effective communication.

Step 2

Revise and refine sentence quality for better writing. A green jagged line that underscores the word or phrase of your sentence usually suggests a grammatical error. Microsoft Word automatically notifies the writer of any apparent mistake, when one exists.

It may show verb confusion, misused word, sentence fragment, run-on sentence, improper punctuation, or some other similar deviation from grammatical standards.

Step 3

Right-click and scroll down the window and select “grammar” or “about this sentence” to determine the reason for your mistake. However, it may occasionally mistake a sophisticated phrase for error. In that case, simply select, “ignore once” to ignore the sentence.

The red jagged underline of a word means misspelling. Use the same principle for misspelled words, and substitute correct spelling provided. With consistent practice, expect considerable improvement in grammatical structure, style, reading comprehension, and exploitation of language.

Step 4

Consider other similar software applications. Microsoft PowerPoint incorporates the same grammatical instruction and verbal enhancing properties as Microsoft Word. Other software systems shown to improve writing syntax include GrandView, Inspiration Software, and Microsoft SharePoint programs.

For example, Grandview software possesses superior organizational features, evidently equipped with “outlining capabilities” not even available to Microsoft Word (Kurtus, Ron, 1). Technology furnishes the flexibility of various software systems, many containing features that indirectly strengthen writing syntax and facilitate verbal proficiency with repetitious use.


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