Who Do you Write For?


Who Do you Write For?

When you set out to write, which set of readers do you aim at?

Who Do you Write For?In my case, I do not write for the lowest common denominator intelligence-wise. I am not one for endlessly spelling out every minute detail as if explaining something to a four-year-old.

Instead, I concentrate on the storyline, allowing it to make you think and ask questions about it. Or, to put it another way, to read my books you need to use the brain you were given.

Over the past few weeks, my highly successful novel “The Seventh Age” has gone well beyond all expectations sales-wise, particularly here in the UK where the average reader actually dislikes having everything spelled out for them, unlike our cousins across the Atlantic – bless their hearts.

We English prefer instead to allow the story to unfold in its own sweet time and above all to use our brains.

I don’t blame our American cousins in the least for not taking to it, as evidenced by some of the reviews left on Amazon.

To read my stories you need to have a certain level of intelligence.

Fortunately over here we have not had years of endless mind-numbing television soaps inflicted upon us daily, turning our minds to mush, where what would take five minutes to explain in a story or real life, tends to get spread out over several weeks with endless explanation ad nauseam.

And so, if you do not enjoy intelligent science fiction, then my books are clearly not for you.

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