Today at Angie’s Diary


Today at Angie’s Diary

Participation always helps. This includes today. I’m not sure how many people there are using Angie’s Diary, but someone invited me yet again and so here I am.

Already, I have read at least one piece by another professional writer. Then, I have also read at least one piece by an amateur.

Today at Angie's DiaryDo any of you love SF pieces? What is my identity, as a writer? You can find a novel An Adventure in Indianapolis at various locations online. That one is actually “mine” in the sense of artwork that sprang naturally from me. I was very surprised by it because my first long prose work was hard SF. Do any of you like that? If so, go to Uranian Fiction or Word Press and read posts.

There is some information about some fictional people: Kiel Bronson and Gezka FaucMerz. If you read about them and are interested, let me know. It’s because of them that I was so shocked when it took so long before I wrote a second novel, and was just as startled when it turned out to be more like crime fiction than like science fiction.

Typical of so many women, I am very romantic but I sometimes hide this. Relationships – either being in one or wanting to be or being in one and still longing for more are examples. A few years ago, I ghostwrote 2 dating guides. Neither is a full-length book, but they might still be there at Closeout Explosion.

I wanted to post something today, to participate but feel a bit awkward because this isn’t a pre-fabricated article in the usual sense. Maybe next time, it will be.

Big cheesy grin, smile, and wave to you all. Imagine us all out in public may be at a carnival or something. Hopefully, you’ll all like it rather than thinking I’m some type of exhibitionistic dope.

Miriam Pia

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Welcome Miriam. Nice to see you here. 🙂

  2. Avatar of Lawrence Berger
    Lawrence Berger says

    Welcome again Miriam! I enjoyed your post!

  3. Avatar of Laurean Brooks
    Laurean Brooks says

    You go, girlfriend! Welcome. I just got here last week.

    Regarding Sci-fi, my “Sweetest Romance Author” Yahoo group has been posting a continuing saga at Coffee Time Romance formum. Each author adds a new segment each week. This week it was my turn again.

    I don’t have the link handy, but it’s the Sweetest Romance Authors and the Sci-Fi is titled “Escape From Tekron II.” The story gets wilder and wilder, but will come to a close next week. It was fun! I’ve never written Sci-Fi until now.l You might enjoy reading it.

    1. Avatar of MiriamSPia
      MiriamSPia says

      Thanks Laurean,

      Apologies for taking so long to acknowledge your message.


  4. Avatar of Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J
    Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J says

    Wonderful writing, splendid, superb!

    1. Avatar of MiriamSPia
      MiriamSPia says

      Thank you Mr. J.

  5. Avatar of Andy Bachman
    Andy Bachman says

    Not bad for an “international mother” 🙂
    Seriously: after reading this piece, I checked your other work too.
    Loved Trillium.

    1. Avatar of MiriamSPia
      MiriamSPia says

      Thank you so much for your comment on the post. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you! I am learning where people are responding and how to respond to those people.

      You can find the novel An Adventure in Indianapolis in this week’s Book of the Week here at Angie’s and pre-order from the publisher at For more samples, one is posted here at Angie’s more recently and you can find some at Scribd.

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