Thank you Angie


Thank you Angie

This short article is designed to show how different two editors can be.

Thank you Angie

As described in my article “My best day,” my friends Paula Shene and Gwen Steel told me of Angie’s Diary.

At this time I was trying to get an article in a magazine called Indies Unlimited.

I sent the article in question to the sub-editor and after a lot of tweaking and fiddling, she was happy with it.

It was then passed to the editor, who was not so pleased. Back to the tweaking, after another set of tweaks by which time I was seriously thinking is this MY article at all.

I sent it back to him, that was the last I heard.

The same day Paula told me of Angie’s Diary, I sent the same article to her. Angie published it within a week, I cannot thank Angie enough for giving me this chance to see my work published online, nor my friends Paula and Gwen for telling me about this magazine.

  1. Avatar of Angelica Pastorelli
    Angelica Pastorelli says

    Awww…, thank YOU, dear Al!

  2. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Angie is simply the best 🙂

  3. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Alan has discovered what Jack and I and many others already knew: yes, Angie is truly the best. Also, he might have noted her unfailing instinct in accompanying articles, stories, and poems with the perfect graphic image.

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