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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

It’s a funny thing, but despite the best efforts of a tiny handful of individuals, if a book grabs the public’s attention, it will be bought and read.

It is also a fact that the vast majority are not the least bit interested in praising or condemning. All they want to do is merely read the book they bought.

My most popular book to date – The Seventh Age, is a classic case in point.

While it continues to enjoy excellent sales figures (currently well beyond three and a half thousand), some individuals seem intent on delivering brickbats in the form of their reviews, hoping to dissuade the vast majority from buying and reading it.

It begs the simple question, why?

Could it be that they are envious of Seventh’s apparent popularity? Maybe they are in the employ of other writers who have written similar tales to mine in the hopes of attracting readers towards their client’s own work.

I most certainly do not know the answer, nor do I mainly give a damn.

While I continue to breathe, I will write the stories I personally wish to read in the particular style I choose to use and the form of my native language I am most familiar with – English English. I will also continue to offer them at US$0.99. I’m not here to make money; it doesn’t interest me.

Instead, my reason for being is a simple one. I love creating stories that appeal to the vast majority.

There is an old saying, which those who believe it is their god-given responsibility to trash my work should remember the next time they feel the need to offer their opinions – sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

For goodness sake, get over yourselves. Jealousy is totally self-destructive and serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

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