Have Your Reasons For Writing Changed?


Reasons For Writing

Just a few days ago I wrote a short guest blog piece about why I write.

We all write for different reasons. Because we love how it makes us feel because we love creating a whole new world where anything goes and we are in charge, because we have so much imagination within us that it is impossible to ignore it.

Reasons For WritingThere are millions of reasons authors write, but what I have found after doing this for a few years is that, over time, it is entirely possible for your view to change.

I have found that, with myself, I have began to worry about being accepted or rejected, about what publisher is interested in my work, finding an agent who believes in my work, promotion, royalties and so on.

Needless to say, I didn’t worry about these things at all when I started writing my first novel, and because of that, I believe that that book was the best I have ever written.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Write because it is what you love to do. Don’t let all these other reasons sneak in and lead you to write for any other reason.

Don’t worry about who is going to accept or reject you and most of all, DO NOT write for money or fame. Write because it makes you happy. Write because it is who you are. Don’t let anything other than your love of writing lead you as you create your story.

  1. Avatar of Maheshwar N. Sinha
    Maheshwar N. Sinha says

    Absolutely true!

  2. Avatar of Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J
    Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J says

    I find this exuberantly veridical, Chastity Bush .

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