People Like Me!


People Like Me! – A Poem for People With Disabilities.

My name is Aidan Lucid and as I state in my profile, I’ve a very rare syndrome known as Moebius Syndrome. My syndrome did not deter me from achieving my goals in life, however. Since I began writing in 2002, I have longed to be a published author and I have achieved that to some degree. In fact, my debut young adult fantasy novel, The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin, published by WordTechs Press, will be released soon.

Below is a poem I wrote back in 2003 and is a view how we, people with disabilities, view the world and how some people perceive us.
This poem was featured in my book of poetry, A Viking’s Prayer.

People Like Me!

What do you think of us
When we walk down the street?
Do you laugh inside
At our hands or feet?

Or do you pity us
And smile your smile,
And stop and talk
Just for a while?

Do you not realize
That we’re human too,
Just not made perfect
The way that God made you.

So next time you see us
Just think of this,
If we’d one day like you
It would be eternal bliss.

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