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Online Marketing

As a newly published author, Online Marketing and subsequent sales are of interest to me.

Especially with the Barnes & Noble group taking on Amazon and taking books off their shelves that were for sale in Amazon stores. My book Pat Canella ( the dockland murders) has been taken up by both firms, leaving me to wonder what will happen.

Online MarketingOne thing I have noticed (I am open to contradiction here), is that in my searches for a market, other than WHSmiths and, there is no real sales aimed at the UK marketplace.

Amazon is global. There is a large market here going unplumbed, I just tried to contact Waterstones today to try and get the word out of a new sales fixture in Bookrix.

B&N covers the US/Canada market, their sister group Smashwords has recently opened up a huge marketplace as well. This is the former Soviet block countries & Asia.

Many markets hit Europe, but few are aimed here. As an Independent author, I am always on the lookout for new markets for the stories I write.

The US/Canadian market suits my style of writing as I write a lot of fantasy work.

Many UK publishers are limited in their outlook, or the editors have ‘In-house favourites,’ which means unless you have got noticed you are wasting your time, but HOW do you get noticed?

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    Alan Place says

    “Did we see him?”

    It has often been asked of me. Why don’t I do more for myself? The answer is easy, I am a far better promoter than writer. This KDP FREE download weekend is driving it home, as if I needed it any more obvious.
    I asked Waterstones to put Pat Canella on their on line stores.
    I started the weekend on a high hitting 1,115 on the free download list for Kindle and No. 4 in US Historical fiction at about 2;300 (UK time) with 30 downloads, here we are 6 hours later and just crawled to 52, less than 5 FREE downloads per hour.
    It is slightly better than the Phoenix episode were I got published but nothing else came of it. OR is it? Here I am struggling to give it away and this was supposed to be the test for “Did we see them?” The follow up book-Oh well.

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