My Re-write of Turning Point


Re-write of Turning Point

It’s a funny thing, but when you undertake to re-write a story you wrote seventeen years earlier, how the way in which you now write, compared to the way you did back then, has completely changed.

Re-write of Turning PointOriginally, I wrote the story for my own entertainment and that of a couple of close personal friends. Sure it was full of spelling and punctuation errors. But, even though I was the one actually writing it, like my friends, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Back then you see, unlike today, I didn’t bother with planning out a storyline. I just let it happen.

The story in question, although I didn’t know it at the time, later became the basis for my first published science fiction space opera “Onet’s Tale”, which for the last four days (Jan 27th – 30th) has featured as a free Kindle download. Over five hundred people took advantage of the offer, for which I am eternally grateful.

After all, its nice to know that a few hundred people spread far and wide across the planet are reading the end product of a lot of sweat and toil on my part. I wrote the first draft of “Onet’s Tale” back in 2003 while staying with two very special friends of mine – Fran and Graeme back in New Zealand.

Now its the turn of the original story “Turning Point”, set here on Earth in the twentieth century. A story about how humanity fights back against an alien invasion by a fierce warrior race from across the cosmos, known as the Drana. A few of “Turning Point’s” major characters are met a thousand years later in “Onet’s Tale”, by its own set of main characters, led by a Nephile named Akhen and a former disgraced Drana soldier – Khan.

My much-missed second home, New Zealand, features heavily in “Turning Point”. In fact, a great deal of the action in the final chapters occurs there.

So far, I’ve been through the original manuscript a couple of times checking spelling and punctuation. In a few days or so, I will begin filling it out where necessary. The story itself needs little or no additional material. Maybe just a bit more in the way of dialogue between the various characters.

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    Jack Eason says

    Now all I need is to see it picked up, read and discussed by hungry sci-fi readers 🙂

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