Marketing Plans for Self-published Books


Marketing Plans for Self-published Books

Publishing a book is only part of the work.  The marketing work also has to be done.  That’s the part most authors don’t understand or like.  This book can help.

If you published a book or plan to publish a book and if you don’t understand the need for building a marketing plan, or if you don’t know how to develop a marketing plan, this book explains it all.  It contains a ready-to-use marketing plan that will have you marketing your book in no time.

Marketing Plans for Self-published BooksThis book contains a complete set of marketing plans.  The marketing tasks are explained in non-technical language along with the rationale for the task and are grouped by timeframe.

The marketing plans are ready to use.  Built around the book’s launch date (i.e. the availability date) there are marketing plans for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.

The reviews below are excerpts.  Read the entire review on Amazon.

A practical guide to helping you promote your book

As someone who is an indie author and publisher, this book is ideal for me. It would have been good to have had a book like this about two years again when I started.

The reality is that these sorts of guides just weren’t there then, and so this is a helpful guide to any indie author getting started or who just wants to check they are taking the right steps to promote their book.
Jan Heart

Getting Started

For anyone interested in writing a book,…Quense has prepared a guide that can help newcomers to publishing understand the importance of having a plan. I think of it as a step-by-step of sorts that not only informs you what a marketing plan is but how to create one and use it properly.

As Quense states, you probably shouldn’t use this book as the end-all to be all of the publishing your own book, but I think this is a great place to gain knowledge on how to get out there:
— Aprilrain

Finally, a book written from experience

If you are a writer who is determined to publish your work then you need this book. Hank Quense will take you through step by step the harsh terrain of the publishing world. Hank writes from his own experiences which is such a valuable tool and gives his fresh insight into uncharted waters to give you the map you need to find the hidden treasure:
— Brae Wyckoff

Once you stop groaning, we will proceed

I stopped groaning and saved this book for my reference list as a future writer. The author did a great job on a couple of issues that are usually obscure to authors as they have been traditionally handled by publishing houses, such as the one-line pitch of the book, the third-person bio and present-tense synopsis, and the most important one, the your-name domain name rather than your-book-title one. If you were ever wondering what the publishers were doing (or failing to do) for your book, here are some of the answers.
— Adina Luca

Interested in writing and or publishing your own book? Start here.

Although I am not a very talented writer, I do enjoy learning and gaining skills so I gave “Marketing Plans for Self-published Books (Self-publishing Guides)” a try. I really liked that the marketing plans are already built and ready to use, Sure beats the typical how to do it your self books, which usually still leave you asking questions and not knowing much than you did when you started!

There a random bits of humor that make this book a more enjoyable read than I first thought. Highly recommended for those of you that may need some guidance!
— Kristina Reading

A Great Marketing Plan

Hank Quense’s Marketing Plans for Self-Publish Books is a great book for anyone planning on self-publishing a book. As a beginning indie writer, I found the information to be incredibly valuable.

Quense not only takes you step-by-step through the marketing process, he also gives good advice about marketing so that you are not needlessly throwing your money away.  In the last half of the book, Quense discusses budgeting and how to continue marketing your book long after the launch with some very practical advice. He tells you the kinds of advertising that is worth putting into your budget and the importance of using a variety of different marketing methods.
— Regina Beard

Reader’s Favorite Review

Bits of humor sprinkled throughout the book took away the dull edge of a typical self-help book and actively helped keep me engaged as a reader. The content was great. As an aspiring writer myself, this book was very helpful. I learned a lot of tips and tidbits that I hadn’t heard before, in addition to getting an overview of the known policies and procedures in getting your book published.

I loved a lot of the marketing tips including the discussion about book trailers and blog tours. I also blog, and I know firsthand what a great partnership that can be. I thought that in his Self-Publishing Guides, Hank Quense is very easy to relate to and does a great and thorough job discussing the topic.
Katelyn Hensel


Author Karin Abardanel wrote a blog post on the book.
Radio host Brae Wyckoff interviewed me on book marketing:  You can listen to the podcast.

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