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20 Great Ways to Market Your Book

Market Your Book

20 Ways to Market Your Book

How Do I Market my Book and Get Read?: Here are my best tips on how to gain exposure for your book:

1. Overview

What is the marketing plan for?
You promote your last book, promote all books of yours, promote your website, or promote a book that is free for a certain period of time.

2. Timing

3. Budget and Costs

4. Publicity and PR

5. Contact Local Media

6. Contact National Media

7. Book Reviewers

8. Articles

9. Speaking engagements

10. Networking

11. Launch your book in local bookstores

12. Promotional materials

13. Word of mouth

14. Advertising

Do it by target:

15. Co-Promotion

16. Cross Promotion

17. Charity

18. Short Stories Anthology

19. Blogs and Bloggers

20. If all of the above seems too much or too hard for you, this problem can be solved very easily: FIND A PUBLICIST!

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