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Indie Observer Article: Fran Lewis

Indie Observer Article

For authors who want to share their stories, nothing is more fulfilling than having completed the whole publishing process and knowing that it is available on sale.

That’s just how Fran Lewis felt when she published her books with Xlibris.

As a child, published author Fran Lewis was often bullied. She used her sense of humor and intelligence to get through difficult situations.

This serves as her inspiration for the main character of the books “Bertha Fights Back”, “Bertha Speaks Out” and “My Name is Bertha”. She also published two books that provide a great resource for understanding and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The book “Sharp As A Tack or Scrambled Eggs: Which Describes Your Brain?” provides readers with stimulating brain games, physical exercise, and tips for activities that help keep the mind alert and fit.

In the book “Memories are Precious (Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story)”, Fran Lewis shares inspiring stories to help create awareness and hope for a cure for Alzheimer’s. The book is dedicated to her mother who has Alzheimer’s and is based on her mother’s story and words from the day she was diagnosed with the illness.

Her sixth book “Because We Care” is dedicated to her sister Marcia who passed away in July and to her mom Ruth who recently just passed away.  The book helps readers understand traumatic brain injury, elder care abuse, and caregiving/volunteering in a nursing facility, hospital, or caring for someone at home.

For 36 years, Fran Lewis worked as the Reading and Writing Staff Developer in various NYC Public Schools. She holds three master’s degrees and a PD in Supervision and Administration.

She is a member of Who’s Who of America’s Teachers and Who’s Who of America’s Executives from Cambridge. She was the musical director for shows in her school and ran the school’s newspaper. Fran also writes reviews for other authors upon request.

Fran Lewis also hosts two radio shows on “Blog Talk Radio”. The “Book Discussion with Fran Lewis” is aired every third Wednesday of the month. On that show, she interviews and spotlights adult authors and their works, and four times a year she spotlights children’s book authors on a second show.

She is the current resident book reviewer on a show with Marsha Cook; her reviews with listeners and interviewing authors before engaging in an open discussion. Fran Lewis also appears on several other shows on Red River Writers and reviews books for authors upon request as well as for Book Pleasures, Manic Readers, and She also reviews for Amazon.

When asked about the message she wants to convey to readers, she answered: “Understanding the differences of people and not dwelling on outward appearances is one message that I hope all adults and children will learn from my Bertha books.”… “My Alzheimer’s book was written to let everyone know that you need to support those taking care of your loved ones, and most of all, visit that person no matter what you have going on in your lives Before It Is Too Late.”

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