How Did This Happen?


How Did This Happen?

Back in my younger days I always thought I could Paint or Draw a picture that could say more than by just writing mere words.

Before one could just drop out there was always someone like my dear friend Angie around, saying that this can be done.

How Did This HappenNow 40+ years down the road of life, I’ve got 4 Journal/Sketch Books that I’ve combined with both the Written Work and my Visual Skills to Express what Moves me.

Where she [Angie] like my older sister was always pushing me to to “write the book, write the Book.”

I’d always say, “what Book”? That Book was of all that I have seen throughout my life.

So at the young age of 61, a Veteran of Combat in Vietnam, along with living in most of the lower 48 States of the good old USA, before the age of 10. I guess I just may have something to write about.

Plus where one has also traveled around a good part of the planet we live on. Seen & rubbed elbows with people all over to feel we all walk on two legs &

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Like your painting Garland, let your muse dictate that book to you. 😀

  2. Avatar of Michele Theberge
    Michele Theberge says

    Garland – I love that art has been there for you and with you and is a way to express your thoughts and share your life and experiences with the rest of the world.
    Looking forward to the book! : )

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