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IFWG Publishing

Greetings! – No pen-name here, my name’s Gerry Huntman and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a wife and a six-year-old daughter (yep, glutton for punishment at 50 years).

IFWG Publishing

We are very happy in this neck of the Oz woods. I am, in order of importance, a father, husband, writer, publisher, and IT Consultant (the dreaded day job).

I write speculative fiction. Pretty much anything. I started writing ‘high’ fantasy but quickly branched into sci-fi and darker forms of fantasy, even horror. I also dabble (quite successfully) in some of the more narrow sub-genres, such as steampunk.

I know some don’t, but I like the term ‘speculative fiction’ – I don’t use the term arrogantly – it’s just that it pretty much covers my writing scope in two words.

I am currently publishing, on average, one specific short story a month, which I am happy with, but I still have to break into the ‘top-end’ publications – been damned close at times, so it will happen soon enough. A milestone of mine is to qualify for membership in the SFWA.

I am also the Chief Editor and part-owner of IFWG Publishing – a small traditional publisher whose HQ is in Missouri.

We publish speculative fiction but have been known to throw a curveball in once in a while (a few actually – adventure, historic, social commentary, thriller). Lately, however, we are concentrating more on our calling (just sayin’).

Anyway, that’s me. Just thought I would throw in one more thing, in closing: the following is the cover of my young teen fantasy novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms (IFWG, 2010). My first novel, and proud of it.

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