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Don’t Wait for Things to Get Ugly

Don't Wait for Things to Get Ugly

Don’t Wait for Things to Get Ugly

If you’re an author, chances are that, at some point, you’ll make a mistake somewhere along the marketing path.

Indie or small press authors have to work even harder than traditionally published authors to keep their careers on the right path. Navigating the waters of public scrutiny is rather like a neverending job interview.

You have to maintain a positive image and hold on to your umbrella of integrity, even when the rough winds of criticism threaten to blow it to Timbuktu.

Here are a few guidelines that may help you when it comes to author etiquette:

Remember, you’ve worked hard for this. Don’t derail it with bad author etiquette. Of course, you’re proud of your book, and so you should be. There are a number of ways to share your book with the world, but do it right. If you make a mistake, make amends and move on.

And most of all: KEEP WRITING!!! 

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