Blogs and Connections


Blogs and Connections

Blog Posts and Online Connections: Oct 2011 – I was told by my tutor at Writer’s Bureau that my story ‘The wind in your face’ was unsellable and that he had no idea where to pitch it to an editor.

After a really bad month, which ended with me leaving the online course as a result of his constant attacks on my style of writing ( or lack of it). This was followed by Skill pages saying if I did not have at least a BA, then I was not worth considering.

Blogs and Connections

I was ready to quit my writing, and would have done if not for three really close and wonderful friends; Ruth, Hazel & Jane who kept me going through that terrible time.

Last week  I was contacted by a lady from Texas, who had come across my blogs via LinkedIn. Jeannie Walker has just had her first book ‘Fighting the devil’ about how she coped with the poisoning of her ex-husband, by his second wife and her lover published.

Last night I was contacted by a Canadian editor at Abandoned Towers magazine to say she was really impressed by the concepts involved in ‘Chronicles,’ if I cleaned it up she would be happy to include it in her online magazine.

Latest from Abandoned Towers( Feb 6, 2002), Karin Abel the editor wants to publish online all the ‘Chronicles’ stories

Sure, my tutor’s contacts had no idea; the thing is I have a totally different outlook and set of contacts. One of the main things for anyone starting out writing is: you are unknown. Take the smallest crumbs and thank the people who give them. There is no shame in writing online articles. More articles from various magazines and types of articles can only benefit you.

All this goes in your file and if you print the articles out, even better; always making sure you have the logo or some recognisable mark from the magazine to show. To show it is official.

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Well said Allan! Take Heart. No matter who you may be there are always folk who delight in putting you down. Take a look at my blog post “More on Literary Snobs”, and in particular the comments:


  2. Avatar of Alan Place
    Alan Place says

    You have to believe, Jack. It must really be a thorn in their reputation to see that having told me I was useless, to know I have made something WITHOUT them LOL
    I make a point each new development I arrive at, I put a post on their Facebook page.
    If this deal with Waterstones book chain come through. Can you imagine the ripples that will cause. They tell me, I am useless- so I get a request from probably the second largest book store chain in the UK for my work LMAO;)

  3. Avatar of Alan Place
    Alan Place says

    Tonight marked the first major blogging milestone for me, it reached 5,000 visits. The average this week is 60 per night. The blog has got readers in Israel, Russia, Rwanda, Poland, Latvia and the Philippines but very few in Canda & Australia 🙁

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