When Eyes Fall Short of the Big Picture


I have been away for a while settling into my new marriage but I am back once again to write about what I stand for and that is to stop the cycle of abuse and advocating for women.

As the world watched the Casey Anthony trial unfold and no I am not talking about her, what happened to all the other children that no one ever heard about.  In that same time a 13 year old child who was born with cerebral palsy was burned to death by her mother who no longer wanted to take care of her (she will never make the news).

A two year old was blugeoned to death by he 12 year old brother because he felt like it.  No one will ever know his name.

A daughter is found murdered and sexually assaulted and left in a shallow grave while the world was watching one woman on trial for something that happens every day.

These children will never be known to us.  There names will never be public and we will never know what happened to their killers.

One in four children are being abused right now.  If they are lucky enough to make it what is their life going to be like.  I asked a question on facebook one day that said “If you saw a disabled person being mistreated what would you do”  the answers really surprised me.  “If I didn’t know them nothing”.  “It’s not my business”.  “I would look the other way”.

Really?????? Is this the America we know and love that you would really look the other way?  No one deserves to be abused and it is our duty to stop it.  The cycle of abuse will never end if we choose to look the other way, not make it our business, and try to help these children who did not ask to come in to the world.

I could name case after case of children who will never be known to us and I am asking all of you to please help stop abuse.  If you know someone who is being abused please report it to your local law enforcement agency.

  1. Avatar of andrea anderson
    andrea anderson says

    This is an article that everyone should be paying attention to.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller says

    I can see by the number of comments you’ve received, people are not paying attention to the problem of child abuse in our society. I am an abuse victim who developed multiple personalities because of my abuse. I now have a blog on wordpress, itsmindbloggleing. I would appreciate it if you would check out my “about” page.

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