What Women Want


What Women Want

What Women Want

I am very happy that someone has given me the opportunity to express what I want. It is great to know that I can think whatever I like without anyone telling me that I am exaggerating, dreaming, or always complaining, or “Get A Life.”

Are you ready?!
Women want… to be treated nicely. It is simple, right? Two words that mean a lot. But just a minute, what is a woman??? A woman is a 3-year-old child, a 12-year-old teenager, a 17-year young lady, a 30-year-old woman, or… how should we say, an experienced woman at the age of 40 to 50?

As I have already experienced all these life phases I can testify that a woman should be treated nicely and that it is true for every age.

A 3-year-old child knows how to get what she wants from her parents and family. Even outside her immediate family, she will always know how to get what she wants from complete strangers just by giving them a certain look or a smile. She will get candy in the supermarket or a slice of salami at the butcher. As a preschool teacher -that’s my specialty- when a girl just takes one look at me and/or touches my hand or, even better, when she makes a drawing just for me, then I am all hers.

Children and especially girls know, from the moment they are born, how to get all the attention they need. Every new step they make has to be rewarded. A little girl has that special smile for her dad that turns him into clay in her little hands and Mom will immediately buy her a gift for every new progress she makes like: the first time she turns over, her first tooth, first step, first jump or her first word.

The little girl is getting older. Her school bag has to be fancy, a Barbie or any other popular icon. The pencil case must be beautiful to match the sparkling pencil crayons within. The shoes- boots-scarves-jackets they all carry labels that I can’t pronounce or remember.

A girl grows up in her fairytale room and of course, it has to be her room alone because, god forbid, her siblings might disturb her night rest and she is very sensitive to noise. She grows up believing that she and she alone is a princess. The boots become high-heeled, the skirts become shorter, v-necks become deeper, the Barbie bag turns into a very sophisticated one and her notebook becomes a laptop; the super light version of course.

Mom and dad have been gradually replaced by her boyfriend and her husband, and the princess continues to dream and strive, and no matter how it came about, to be ’’nicely treated spoilt” with her house, car, and all the extra accessories.

Actually, why not?
So what is the problem?
That’s what I also want!!! -haha.

Where I come from, I was taught to be “modest”, to “be happy with what we have”, and to say “thank you for everything we have” and, ”thank god”. When the husband comes home from work, food must be on the table, the house must be tidy and his wife must have a smile on her face…………. (I don’t want to go into further details).
If I was obedient and would have listened to my mother-in-law, I would have also been quiet most of the time. Well, that was too much even for me!

My daughters belong to the new generation. They know exactly how to receive the attention they want from their husbands and from others around them and the same goes also for my daughter-in-law. Just like it is for most modern women.

What I find very interesting, considering that I was brought up and educated differently and my reality was different, is where they got it from?? Where and when did they obtain the strength to insist and demand? Maybe what I consider to be “spoilt” actually means to be equal?

I have a feeling that things change under my nose without me noticing.  Life is too short to realize all your experiences and therefore you just live; no time to analyze everything. My surrounding grew to know me as I am, so every time I want to change a personal habit, it is as if I owe everyone an explanation for things that are considered “normal” for everybody else.

In a moment of awareness, the most important thing that I learned was: Love yourself, spoil yourself and the surrounding will follow. Believe me, it works!

The women of today do not have to know how to cook, clean, sew, wash and to iron, and all other skills that were only “meant” for women. Women know how to take control of their lives and the people around them. They know how to be beautiful, talented, and spoilt…

And what about me? Who knows, maybe in the next life?

  1. Avatar of Angie
    Angie says

    Very interesting observations Bruria!
    Can we expect more of the same?

  2. Avatar of Zippy
    Zippy says

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  3. Avatar of daphne
    daphne says

    I couldn’t explain it better myself ……

  4. Avatar of Grace
    Grace says

    very refreshing – more please!

  5. Avatar of theresa
    theresa says

    I am right there with you ! lo My son teased me and said maybe in the next life “you will be a man”. I do enjoy being a women,but would trade it for the “new women ” Thank you for the great perception us old schooled women

  6. Avatar of Miriam Pia
    Miriam Pia says

    I fall into the category of the new generation. Right now I’m single. I’ve tried multiple times to have a partner for life. So far, I’ve found that sometimes I was just left or lost a man because I did not give in about something. I just let him go instead.
    That was not always easy and I have also suffered from not entirely understanding, or from marrying a man who was initially hoping I would want to have casual sex with him – nothing serious. I wanted a real relationship. Then after making one another parents we tried being married: we developed new relationship problems immediately…

  7. Avatar of R. H. Politz
    R. H. Politz says

    Life’s Lessons Learned

    I was born into slavery, to a religion that dictated very many good idioms along with a number of fear raising threats. In a nutshell, if anything was enjoyable, it was a sin that, left un-confessed, would take you to hell. Even thinking about sex, for example, required a confession of those “impure thoughts” and a penance. Teach that to a young pubescent person, boy or girl, and you have an unwinnable war of physiology against psychology. What does a “person” want at that age?

    My parents were / are my heroes and if I could come back and choose the family I would be born into, I’d still pick them for they were good honest people; traits that I still value to this day. Of course if I could come back to those times and have the knowledge I have today, well…, wouldn’t that be interesting…! Perhaps I’d be a better person. Perhaps I’d be less ignorant, less stupid, less conflicted and more focused on a future I never thought I’d live to see.

    I love the way you’ve described your view of “What Women Want” but, from my perspective of “What People Want”, I wish I could have done far more to, sort of, re-pay my Mother and Father for all the many sacrifices they made for my sister and me. That would be what I wanted, both then and now.

    It is my hope that you get what you want and that, whatever it is today and tomorrow, it puts a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet arrived so, for today, love, hug, laugh and smile for “now” is the only time we really have.

    I wish you and yours all the best.

    R. H. Politz

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