What Is This Thing Called Intuition?


What Is This Thing Called "Intuition?"

Intuition: As a child, I’d hear stories from my parents and many of their friends about how people could “see things’ as in the afterlife;  ghosts…spirits…apparitions. Needless to say, my siblings and I were easily frightened when hearing the ‘elders’ talk this way. 

I suppose we might have gotten over these stories in adulthood if one of my brothers didn’t actually believe that he could see and feel things!  I tend to believe in the power of a higher being in whatever form or faction this otherness chooses to appear.

It’s a benevolent God who doesn’t set out to harm me, but, to protect me from all of the ‘evil’ inhabiting the world. I suppose if I believe in good, it’s only fitting I believe in evil as well, but, that’s another post.

It is by faith that I take into consideration the sightings from a brother who still carries the stories handed down from my parents and throughout the generations. My brother was born with a caul covering his face.

We know how parts of the birth membrane can attach itself to the face and head of infants during childbirth. Back then, the elders looked upon this child as being special, or gifted. There were my own secrets I carried and dared not share with my siblings, or the rest of the world because of how I might be perceived.

For the record, I have not seen apparitions-not in the physical realm. Have I experienced an overwhelming presence and ‘gut’ feeling from the center of my being that has led me to re-consider; re-think a process before taking an initial course of action? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Do these experiences label me “intuitive?” I’m of the opinion that I am, simply because I think all human beings are capable of this special ‘knowing’ that describes intuition. Still, not everyone is comfortable with the knowledge that they are somehow ‘gifted’ with senses beyond the areas of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. I write motivational and inspiring messages on my website, not because I want to change the world today, but, because of the realization that I have been given a gift of servitude.

On a journey to knowing our truth, we have to open ourselves up to those undeniable gut feelings and embrace the intuitive energy that empowers us to make a positive difference in some other person’s life. I’m happiest when I know my intuitive lessons brought about from living and learning from life experiences have helped someone on their journey to living authentically.

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Intuition, like aptitude and talent, are hard to define–but they all do manifest themselves!

    1. Avatar of Clara Freeman
      Clara Freeman says

      Andrew, I think you’re right. It’s that “otherness” that ‘s not so easily explained but happens nonetheless:)

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