Unwritten Letter 1


Unwritten Letter 1

You don’t even know me, we never actually met.

I was 17 at the time and got a temporary job that would tie me over till I joined the army. Your husband was working in a different department. He was young-looking, and I could really have guessed that he was already married. 17 to me, was an age of collecting experiences of any kind.

I was playing with fire, I was having almost fatal relationships with everyone surrounding me.

Unwritten Letter 1I blame myself, for I didn’t understand the meaning of marriage, and the commitment between people, or the responsibility that one has with his partner, especially when I found out that you were pregnant.

I could also blame your husband, how he led me to believe that he was single, and when I found out about it, he kept comfortably ignoring the fact. He didn’t stop this fantasy and kept writing me letters, we even had our song.

And then I found out that you were expecting a child ….
It stopped making sense. All this craziness! I was not feeling comfortable anymore with this and I decided to let him also know that it’s not appropriate. The next time he contacted me, he came to my house. We were kissing passionately on the street behind the block as I told him.

I was ready to explore and enjoy adventures that came my way, explaining to your 32-year-old husband, at the time, how he should respect his wife and enjoy the pregnancy and the fact that he is going to be a father!

He was disappointed a bit, sad also, but he loved you enough to let it all go, and till now, so many years after, when we see each other on the street, we only stare deeply into each other’s eyes but we never speak.
Now I am married.

I know now what an overwhelming situation pregnancy and a first child and marriage itself can be. I am sorry I don’t know you. I never saw you, but I think about you so often, all the time hoping that you’re happy with him and that you are able to have a good family life.

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