Those Old Sayings Really Do Have Meaning!


Have you ever thought about the old sayings; the phrases that were spoken generation after generation? “You reap what you sow,” “food for thought,” “I knew you’d outgrow him someday,” and “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” (Ewwwwwww!)

There are thousands of those little tidbits of knowledge that I heard growing up, but at the time, I really didn’t think about the meaning of them…until now.

old-sayingsAs I think about all the wasted time, not listening to the advice of my parents and grandparents, I realize that if I would have thought about the old sayings, long ago, I may have avoided some of the mistakes I made.

Of course, while it is important to learn as you go (can you remember telling your parents that you need to make your own mistakes?), I’m a big believer in the idea that one can learn way before their time. I mean, why make mistakes; isn’t much of the knowledge of a blunder already proven through history? Isn’t that why schools teach children the history of our people, our ancestors; so we learn not to go down the same beaten path?

On a lighter note, it tickles me each time I come across one of the old sayings that give me time to pause. I may have heard it a hundred times, over and over again, as a child. I ponder them much more than I did back in the day. I realize now that the answers to many of my questions were right in front of me all along! I simply chose not to listen with intent…to listen with purpose.

The next time you hear one of those old sayings: “a rolling stone gathers no moss,” “son of a gun” (I will let you look that one up), “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me,” or “can’t isn’t a word” (as my mother so lovingly told me many times), think about the true meaning behind the words.

Another theory that comes to mind is the idea that there is more than one meaning to those special words. For example, “food for thought,” to me, always meant to take what was being said and to think about it. Now, I decide that it can mean something else entirely. For instance:

“Food….for thought!”

Consider perhaps that you are feeding your thoughts, your mind, with whatever you put in it. If you think negatively, you are probably eating garbage. Not literally, but yes, literally…and mindfully. What you think about, what you talk about, is the food you put into your thoughts and in your body…and…this is the energy you place out into the world…the universe, frankly.

The Secret, as told by Rhonda Byrne, when she discovered the secret laws and principles of the universe, and as practiced by many life coaches today, one of which I’m very fond of, Pam Rettig of Well Being and Abundance, what you put out there becomes your reality. What you think about manifests its way into your life.

Just imagine every scary, negative, dreadful thought that you worry about or think about coming true. Scary, indeed!

So as you ponder through your day, especially the ones with drama, trauma, and agony, consider the thought that you can make change happen to your day, simply by how you approach it. If you can muster up the courage (and I know you can) to give positive imaging a try, I know you can make a difference in your day, your tomorrow, and the next day. Obviously, the trials and tribulations aren’t going to vanish into thin air, but what you will see are simple changes to what transpires ahead. Perhaps, if you believe enough, huge changes will come your way!

So try it, won’t you? Think of one simple thing you want out of your life. Let’s say…”I want to see orchids in my life.” Boom! They will begin to present themselves. Not in that exact moment, of course, (you’re no genie in a bottle) but trust me, you will start to see something new happening in your life. I, myself, did this orchid example, five years ago, and they surround me everywhere. It is the reason I named my company White Orchid Publishing. I’ve been told that the meaning of an orchid is new beginnings, which fits really well with my journey.

So what do you want: A particular trip, a new job, a specific flower or sweater…a certain color? Create a vision board; a place to put pictures and words of all the wants and must-haves in your life. For now, come up with just one thing you want to see happen, one thing you want to appear in your life, and make it simple, like my example of a flower. Now go live life and wait to see if it reveals itself.

Many will say that if you just add something to your subconscious that obviously it does come to fruition, and I agree to a certain extent. If I want a new job, I’ll go look for one, or if I want a new trip, I’ll book it, but what if this idea of envisioning what you want is true…and you decided that it was utter nonsense to change your thinking, expecting good things to come to you? Wouldn’t you want to kick yourself in the butt for not doing it sooner?

Just food….for thought.

*Authors of all the sayings are unknown.

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    LovingwithPurpose, good and upbeat advice! Thank you.

  2. Avatar of LovingwithPurpose
    LovingwithPurpose says

    Thank you, Andrew. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Avatar of Gianluca De Sanctis
    Gianluca De Sanctis says

    This is superb advice, and certainly food for thought. Thanks for sharing this article on Angie’s.

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