The Power of Your Mind


The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind

What are the most important issues in your life? I do not want to hear the negative, only the positive – in this article we are focusing on the positive to serve you better.

Did you know your mind processes sixty thousand thoughts a day, according to some researchers? I believe that number is low because those thoughts make up your world, and affect other people and their views.

Did you know people who have like thoughts are attracted to one another? It reminds me of the magnets I would hold as a child, curious why some would click together, but the pressure to stay apart was pushing my hands away.

You have to agree, most people think negatively: I have to go back to that job, I owe too many bills, I don’t want the children to get out of my sight, I have to cook what he wants, etc.

I know all of us have had demanding thoughts, but changing your thought process and thinking about the life you want, things that bring you happiness, will only be thoughts among millions who travel around the Universe. So the clue is, never focus on what you don’t want – think of your ideas like a book, a creative process that will bring you to the spot of knowing and believing.

If you are speaking to friends, tell the good, no one wants to hear the bad and be brought down, but by telling the good, you are bringing yourself up to the level you wish to be. The same thing applies to fear. We know being attracted to fear is a state of mind; not wanting to cross a bridge, fly in a plane, cross a busy street, or stay inside so you don’t catch those germs you read about.

The thoughts are traveling a mile a minute in your mind, and you have shut the door to good, positive thoughts. I ask you, to think about something positive, or make a list of what you want that would make you happy, then start focusing on those, either talking to yourself or taking a picture of something that looks like your thought in different places around the house. You will begin to believe. If a little voice begins to take you down, look at the picture, think of the positive.

One important thing is to be thankful for what you do have, bless yourself for the good in your life, and if you want to change some parts, do it with good, healthy intentions. Tell yourself you are happy, grateful, and accept all that is good because it is alright to ask for a change in a positive way.

The power of thought is far beyond our wildest imagination but it happens, and if you believe, some of your thoughts make it out into the Universe. Receive your world with all the power you gave it, and be thankful you believe in yourself, your thought process, and your power.

To receive an answer to your thoughts, you must believe, have the power to stay strong, and appreciate what you have. Be thankful for the direction you have taken, or want to take through thought. See yourself where you want to be, and your mind will bring you there, your mind sees for you, and you will know when it happens. If you feel joy and happiness, feel it, the power inside of you is growing.

A dream is delivered like magic, never take a dream lightly, stay with it – you have found what some call the “Law of Attraction.” Some people dream of losing weight, and see a visual of them, or a photo attached to the refrigerator, reminding you what it is you are dreaming. Perhaps you want to own a home across town, so you paste a picture to your computer as you are working, your mind will see it, and you don’t even know it.

The power of visualization works through attitude and belief. And remember, don’t ignore what you are grateful for – don’t take life and disregard all that you have. I understand I have repeated this several times, but it is important.

Have you ever walked out of someone’s home and said you wished you had this or that. What your hopes and dreams are your mind will see. See your goal, trust your thoughts and ideas. The power comes from making your ideas matter, no matter how creative they may seem. You must focus, I can’t say that word too many times, focusing is telling your mind your thoughts. I have already told you that thinking is the way to change your life into your thought process.

A life touches on all areas of living but most importantly, think of being happy, honest, sincere, and you will learn to develop your thoughts in the same pattern. Picture your life as a beautiful painting, creative, and covered with visions of your thoughts – everything we do is our mind controlling us. Remember the old saying, “See yourself as you want others to see you.”

When it comes to people you associate with focus on what you appreciate from those people and write what you are thinking about those individuals or the world. You don’t have the power to change another person but if they are focusing on the negative, step aside, and let them be.

Think of healing yourself, since our body is the wonder of life itself. Believe in your heart that this day, your heart, life, health can only be better with your thoughts moving in the right direction.

Your body will feel the change, let go of depression, and begin to feel life once more. Once you believe in your power, it starts to flow around you and protect you, bringing you back to where you wanted to be in the first place.

A great example of this is a personal adventure; I was told years ago I would never walk and will be totally blind. From the moment the professionals told me the negative, I focused on the positive and kept saying I will walk, I will see. Many times I get asked how it happened, and the only answer I can give them is that I believed. I never gave into negative power.

The vision you hold for the future is the picture, a sparkle of truth and creativity to obtain your power. While the vision is inside of us the power is outside, you want that power to blend with your image. Once you become a believer, you have accepted the energy of the Universe, grab it, soak it up, never stop believing.

You are your own spirit, and some spirits find images of themselves only from the belief does the power begins to spread in various directions. The choice all along has been to focus on your destiny. The power of the Universe is what you feel is proper, and what brings you the freedom to live, and be happy. Rewards take time but believing takes time too.

Once you know you are a believer in your visions, feel the joy, share your excitement, and be grateful that life is all around you. What you may believe was once impossible the human spirit sees differently. It takes years to know what is missing, to mold your destiny. Once you are your own person, you will attract the greatness of others and be sure to tell them, tell them you can feel their power. Close your eyes and feel the power. Your destiny is waiting.

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    Joyce White says

    Our innate power is to share our best with others and to keep percolating the negative into positive thoughts to share with others. Great article. Just up my alley

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