I am in AWE of your magnificence, of the power of you, of your ability to be, of your unconditional love for me, for all. I am in AWE of you. I see you. I hear you. I know you.

I hear your NOBLE REQUESTS to be warm, to be cool, to be fed, to be near, to be loved, to be enjoyed, to be defended, to be held, to be seen, to be heard, to be honored when I know others do not, will not, hear you at all.

I hear you long before a single cry. I come to you knowing you called and others ask WHY. I know you. I see you. I hear you. I honor you. I am here in service to you. I know “You’re the Gift“.

I see you for the PERSON that you are with that Brand New Body you wear. I see you chomping at the bit to master and perfect being here, living here, loving here.

And for most of you, I know your mother & father do not see you do not hear you. And I know, as you now know, they have no intention of being in service to you. I know your parents hear your NOBLE REQUESTS as complaints, as commands, as demands, as tests, as nothing NOBLE at all. I step in to be with you when others don’t or won’t or can’t bring themselves to.

I see how grateful you are to be seen and heard and honored and unconditionally loved by someone, anyone from across the room, from across the parking lot, from across the world.

I know you. I know you’re PEOPLE. I see the PERSON that you are. Above all else, I know you pay the price for not being seen, nor heard, nor honored.

And to my beautiful daughter Jess… who in life I saw & heard & honored & served well, Who in death I still see. I see you still without the body you once wore. The one you lived in, loved in, shined in, braved the world in… I see you still. I honor you still. I am in service to you still.

Love Mom

  1. Avatar of Paula Seal
    Paula Seal says

    Well written article, interesting point of view. I’ m glad you wrote this – thanks.

  2. Avatar of McCain
    McCain says

    Such a well written post.. Thanks so much for this – it was wonderful!

  3. Avatar of LisaBlairHathawayAuthor
    LisaBlairHathawayAuthor says

    Paula, How wonderful of you to take the time to write a response. It was my honor and my pleasure to write it, all from my experience of course. Lisa

  4. Avatar of LisaBlairHathawayAuthor
    LisaBlairHathawayAuthor says

    McCain, I am happy you enjoyed it. The Magnificence of all Children Everywhere is definitely to be enjoyed, celebrated & honored. Lisa

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