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Take Full Responsibility

Take Full Responsibility

Are we responsible for everything in our lives? Does this lead to success? The answer is yes. People that live a life of high integrity, that are at cause in their lives, take full responsibility for everything …

There was recently a court case in which employees of a fast-food restaurant were suing the company because of gaining weight eating the food from the restaurant. I could hardly believe what I was hearing! To think anyone with a brain in our legal system would process a case like this seems laughable.

Taxpayers’ well-earned dollars are tieing up in a courtroom to process a case of people putting food in their mouth that is not healthy for them. Most restaurants offer their employees discounted or free meals during their shift as part of a perk of working there.

It is always the choice of the individual whether or not to eat that food or bring a lunch. The individuals in the fast-food case have not been force-fed, they have chosen to eat this food, even though it is not rocket science to know that this food is not healthy for you.

They are choosing to do it anyway and are now blaming the company for their own poor decisions. This is an extreme case of lack of personal responsibility.

What does this have to do with success? Everything. It is the mindset that is important to understand. If an individual is thinking with this type of mindset….believing that the restaurant’s food caused them to gain weight and feel justified in creating a court case out of this issue, it is an indication this individual does not take responsibility for their actions.

They believe they are victims, at the effect of everything around them. The “poor me” attitude. They believe that everything goes wrong in their lives, and the only control they have is to blame others. It is, in fact, their own poor decisions and lack of responsibility that has caused their result.

When one has this type of mindset, it will not just affect one area of life. The way we think affects every area of life. Poor results in this area of health and weight, have most likely translated into financial, relationships, everything in this person’s life.

When one learns to take control in their lives, accept personal responsibility for their actions and their results, and stop believing they are the victim in every aspect of their lives; a shift will start to happen, and the same person can start creating the type of results they really want to be experiencing.

Accepting personal responsibility is a choice, and when one makes this choice it will lead to higher levels of success in every area of life…

  1. Avatar of Beverly Swift
    Beverly Swift says

    Thank you Debbie, for this enlightning article!
    It’s very interesting to read your vieuws on responsability and success. I learned something very important here. I will now read your other submissions 🙂

  2. Avatar of Konrad Tademar
    Konrad Tademar says

    YES – failure of personal responsibility is tied up with success The problem is we wish success with a safety net, but then it isn’t success. There has to be real risk in personal decision making because those decisions actually matter.

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