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Soulmates Till Eternity

Love is a dangerous thing. It breaks, not just the heart but the very soul of a person. It drives people crazy, destroys lives and kills, kills mercilessly. And yet, love is a beautiful nightmare, a nightmare worth enduring.

A dream harsher than reality and yet, more divine than divinity. It takes people to their limits, it makes miracles happen. Love is a cure to every wound, and yet, love gives a pain almost unbearable.

Philosophy says love is a feeling, biology says love is just hormones. Religion says love is God but the heart says love is a passion. The soul says love is a necessity, a thirst that is never quenched. And existence says love is the very core of it.

Fairy tales say love is a beautiful happy ending and life says love is but a mirage of reality, a cradle of thorns, and a path of sorrow. Then what defines love? What can unravel this mystery, this saga of endless tales?

There are a few things in this world that occur without reasons. There are a few things that cannot be explained, love is one of them. Love isn’t something we can choose to do. Our heart decides it for our soul, and our lives become enslaved to its never-ending suffering. And still, even after knowing all the cons, our heart yearns for this love. Our soul screams to be burned in its inextinguishable flames; our mind searches its warm solace. 

Love has nothing to do with the mind; its shelter is the heart that nurtures it. Its mother is the soul that nurses it and its friend is existence that helps it strive. With allies as strong as that, who can defy its orders? We humans are nothing but dolls in the hands of Venus; injured from the arrow of that selfish cupid. Love works its way around us, engulfing us in its enchantments. 

Love cannot be put into words neither can the heart bear its intensity. Love is for the divine, the eternal. We mortals are not capable of it. May be that’s why true love is a paradox; because the selfish mind of a human can never fully understand the sacrifices of love. And yet, some hearts rise greater than others. Some hearts are capable of loving beyond human abilities, some hearts that can lose in love, and some hearts that know how to rise in love.

And only when your love crosses the limits of human bounds do you realize that you can easily give your love up, if you know that they are happy. You understand that sacrifice in love doesn’t mean losing, it means giving the one person who means the world to you, their own world of happiness. Your hearts may have broken apart but your souls still remain mingled, searching for the other, caring for the other. You may not be bonded together in this living realm, but in the eternity of the divine utopia, you remain together as soulmates.

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