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Neighbor Gossip

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Neighbor GossipMy neighbor bought a new jeep, even though his children are walking with sandals so small that their toes are touching the ground. My 70-year-old neighbor was spotted making out with her new boyfriend on her terrace.

I spoke to a group of women and told them I am blogging now for Angie’s Diary. The next day I found out that one of them put her life story on paper, I wonder why?

A couple from my kid’s school are getting a divorce. I heard that they are fighting about who should stay at home with the children, the mother, or the very hurt husband.

One of the richest guys I know doesn’t give enough money to his wife, the mother of his children. Thinking if she wants more money, she should give more in the bedroom.

And me? I was caught with an old outfit from 15 years ago. I felt ridiculous, what was I thinking?

  1. Avatar of lisa
    lisa says


    This is soooo funny.
    Keep going.

  2. Avatar of Debbie X
    Debbie X says

    Love you Smadar,

    What’s next dear? – Can’t wait! – Where do these thoughts come from? You have a very original way of looking at things.
    Don’t stop now…

  3. Avatar of MiriamSPia
    MiriamSPia says

    To be judgmental, I would say that the neighbor should offer to get the kid’s new shoes but if the parents get offended instead of being grateful for the generosity don’t be surprized.

    The wife of the man who doesn’t give his wife enough money can go to an attorney about it if she can find enough money to pay for the lawyer or can find one who will work on commission only – and take his cut from what he gets the wife from her husband – or she can find a trainee working for free to help the poor…but if she’s not poor thanks to her husband but is because she can’t get money out of him then well, I have to write ‘been there / done that’. There’s a reason for the saying ‘bagged a babe’ – sometimes caught is just captured, you know.

  4. Avatar of Bren_Freeman
    Bren_Freeman says

    Interesting write!!! The man whose kids are over the edge of their shoes, has seriously got his priorities wrong and does not sound like a good parent.
    As for the older lady, age should not matter, what matters is how goo they treat each other.
    The rich dude sounds a control freak or has no trust in his wife,and with holding in any form, is a form of domestic abuse. Hope she wakes up and realizes this for her own good.
    A good write, thank you for sharing!

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