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5 Things You’ve Been Mistaken For Love

Mistaken For Love

Mistaken For Love

Love. Very short, but such a huge word. It contains an endless flow of emotions and feelings.

Everyone has their own way in how they experience it. But what is even more important – not to confuse love with something entirely different.

We often say the word “love” with a variety of meanings: joy, happiness, fear, attraction, care, need, lust, sense of life. However, no one can give a clear answer to the question “What is love?”

The poets and scientists of all times tried to define it. And they did – they’ve picked up thousands of explanations, which are completely true to life. The thing is LOVE is so multifaceted and fickle that it can’t be limited by any theory boundaries – it depends on lots of factors.

So, we cannot answer the first question, but we can answer the other one: “What is definitely NOT love?” Mystified? Let’s figure it out.

1. Infatuation

The feeling that arises at the very beginning of a relationship. You can find a person physically attractive, have butterflies in your stomach, stay up all night, lose concentration at work because of thoughts about that special human being, but it doesn’t mean you really love the one.

2. Desire

The same hormones are thrown into the blood both with love and orgasm. The only difference is in the intensity and speed of their occurrence. If it’s just a sexual attraction, everything happens quickly. Hormones are messing with your head and bam – you’re trapped in. After the passion goes away, you’re facing the question of who this stranger near you is.

3. Care

Care is the primary manifestation of love, and of course, it can develop into that incredible feeling that we’re aiming for. On the other hand, the fact your partner cares for you is not a guarantee he’s gonna love you – so be cautious with this action, easily taken for an expression of love.

4. Dependence

When your partner can’t get through a minute without you, it’s hard not to confuse. Need is one of the important components of love, but when it turns into a desire to completely belong and own – that’s not good. Do you realize that your beloved will be lost without you and that’s the only reason to keep a fire burning? Flood it! As pity and dependence have nothing to do with true love.

5. Fascination

This one can feel exactly like love, especially for women. They often tend to admire their man like an idol. BUT! Because of this fascination, they may omit something really significant and bad in his character. This trap also works both ways: we lose our mind when the partner admires us, as well as sure to love the person we’re looking up to.

When you’re in a terrible mood, looking for “keep your head up” quotes online after another row with your sweetheart, think of these confusing feelings that can easily pretend to be love. Maybe you’re just wasting your time, while your destiny is looking for you nearby.

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