Make A Guy Fall In Love With You – 10 Tips


Make A Guy Fall In Love

Make A Guy Fall In Love With You

Love is in the air, and as the weather gets warmer, we all start wishing we had a special someone.

Be Yourself

All my tips will give you tricks and ideas, but I mean for them all to be enhancements of who you really are, not make you into someone you’re not. If you’re fake, it doesn’t matter if you get a guy to fall in love with you because he won’t be in love with the real you. So, my first idea is always to be myself, no matter what, so a guy likes me for me.

Optimize your Appearance

Whenever I’m trying to be more attractive to someone, I always optimize. Now, this doesn’t mean I starve myself to look thin, buy tons of new clothes, or get a dramatic haircut. Instead, I try to make myself look my best. This means a cute outfit that emphasizes my best features, combed and fixed hair, a little makeup, a clean, bright smile, and a spritz of light perfume.

Listen, Listen

Guys love to talk about themselves, and they think a girl who actively listens to them is so charming. So, I always listen more than I talk when I try to attract a guy. Talk about yourself, current topics, news events, etc. about 20% of the time, and let him control the conversation about 80% of the time.

Laugh a Lot

Guys are drawn to girls with a great sense of humor, and I think fun always begins with a lot of laughter. So, I always try to laugh a lot and be easy to please when I attempt to attract a guy. If I want a man to fall in love with me, I make sure to laugh at all his jokes!

Have a Great Attitude

In my experience, guys like girls with cheerful, sunny dispositions. No one likes to hang out with a pessimistic, negative person. So, I always try to look on the bright side of life and be a “glass half full” person when in pursuit of a hot guy. People always tend to look my way more often and gravitate toward me when I’ve got a smile on my face!

Be Sweet

Sometimes, I can be catty. All girls can be. When I’m with my girlfriends, we’ll gossip or trash some other girl for being rude or trashy, but that’s not a nice way to act. And, let me tell you, I’ve learned that this kind of behavior doesn’t attract guys. Boys are drawn to girls who are sweet and don’t gossip, so keep cattiness and snotty comments to yourself around your new guy.


Some of my friends used to think flirting was beneath them, but I’m telling you – it works. Guys just love to be showered with attention and treated like a king. So, toss your hair a little bit, throw your head back and laugh, grin a lot, and look up at him from under your eyelashes. Even these old tricks might seem tried and true. They actually work!

Be Different

Trying to be unique and different is a way I’ve always tried to interest guys. I don’t want him to think that I’m just like all the other girls out there. Instead, I want to be seen as charming, witty, and smart. So, I don’t talk about all those same old topics, like school gossip. Ask him about how he feels about current events or newsworthy stories and show him you’re worldly!

Be Witty

As I said before, guys like a girl with a sense of humor. The best way to show you value humor is to laugh at his jokes, but I always try to crack a few jokes myself, too. Guys are drawn to girls with a funny side, and there’s nothing that brings two people closer than sharing a laugh. So, I always bust out a few comments or witty one-liners when I’m trying to draw a guy to me.

Initiate Physical Contact

Guys love physical touch, and touching someone is a quick way to develop intimacy. So, when I’m trying to attract a guy’s attention, I will look for ways to bring physical touch into play. For instance, I touch his arm lightly when I’m laughing at a joke, or I’ll slap him on the knee playfully if he says something funny, or I’ll touch his hand while I’m explaining something.

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