It’s A New Era!


A New Era

It used to be a man’s world. Now it’s a new era!

Men were responsible for bringing food to the table.
They were the ones who could ignore the chores around the house.

A New EraThey were making sure the children were well dressed and played their part, having the last word in the house.  Women were more backstage. If a woman were a working mother, she would find something of a part-time, comfortable job that would allow her to be as much as possible with the children but still not neglect the motherhood profession.

There she was, the head client partner, whether the situations would be handled by her or with her strong advice, the men would always be the ones to get the glory. So it was true, after all, the saying, that behind a successful man stands a great woman.

But then it all changed: women all over were coming out more, their opinion was suddenly playing a different role, it was spoken out loud this time, and once they got confident, they were no longer too shy to speak out for themselves. Moreover, there are more and more examples of women raising children alone. Their new reality brought them to use all their abilities and talents so strongly that they became capable of raising the children, keeping a nice home, and a successful profession, all at once.

Instead of compromising a challenging job, or owing knowledge, or even pressuring a “man’s” position, she was now collecting all of her power, abilities, sources, and talent to make her passions come true.

And as you may imagine, the goddess Shiva, with all her arms, is in a yoga position, so is she keeping a house, raising children, and loving her husband.

She is now able to get to the perfect combination of running satisfying life with the right ingredients.

It’s a new era: it’s a woman’s world!

  1. Avatar of Carla Rosselini
    Carla Rosselini says

    You tell’em Smadar! Such refreshing views you have.

  2. Avatar of bukmacher
    bukmacher says

    You post great articles, i have bookmarked you for future reference !

  3. Avatar of Eberekpe Whyte
    Eberekpe Whyte says

    When the legendary James Brownsang that song with the title, I thought it was more or less a less metaphorical statement that today has turned into a gender war- the world does not belong to anybody stupid except for those who are ready to make it a better place! The struggle for who would take the glory has made our world the worst place to live in-whether a woman is in the background or not, the fact remains that without her, publicly or privately, the world is empty, likewise the other way round. I prefer my woman to be at the background doing the good work behind the scene, and I also love when the glory is announced both of us go to the public to bath in it. That does not rule out the fact that women should not be allowed to take on public offices-if they are educated, why not! We all know the power of a woman; she either uses it for the good or she and he become damaged goods! Perhaps you would want to write another article that what ‘a man can do, the woman can do, ever better!’ But where has it led us? A bleeding world where the beauty of humility is lost forever, where men are confused, children are improperly brought up and the women, a majority of them ‘sleep alone in the winter without good duvet!’
    There are times I wonder why a woman would not want to remain in the ‘background’, instead on another woman as a nanny! Our modern world, eh?
    A wonderful piece you have put up, my dear!

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