Inflation and Degradation of the Ego


Today, where I am the weather is actually hot.  It is the first time this year that this is the truth. 

Last week, I found that the same entity who suffers from inflation and degradation of the ego had been the winner of the July 2012 Author of the Month Award in this magazine, and that this was actually ‘for real’ and not just…you know those illusions created when there is a lot of heat rising off of tarmac. 

It is really an honor and I am grateful to have been so honored. In truth, where I live during the month of July my son was kind to me and a neighbor chatted with me in German and I am trying to tell you that mainly I was just some middle aged lady either riding a bicycle or tearing grass out of a patio and didn’t feel ‘famous’ or ‘honored and awarded’ at all.  My mother did not take the award even remotely seriously as far as I can tell.

human-egoHumbly, I urge those of you who may be interested in juvenile or adult fiction to visit the Uranian Fiction website.  There are pictures of the titles of books that I helped to ghost-write and some I have authored.  Just so know, I only make current or future money from one’s I authored.  I was paid off for the ghostwriting long ago, without any royalty benefits. 

In professional writing there are 2 ways:  1) write first, sell later and 2) sell first, write later. 

The rest of the post is a personal meander.

At this point I would say that Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training cd and Lumosity online seem to be OK, they are fun enough and should help prevent ‘brain rot’ but whether or not they are making me better at anything I really don’t know. 

Hopefully I will be a licensed car owning driver even though I am in Germany by the end of the year, but right now I don’t know.

Finally: the big news is that this is actually Day 1 of Year 3 in Germany for me and my son…although my son is out of town in Wales with other family members and then I guess within 2 weeks of their return school may be starting and he will finally be in Domgymnasium Verden here in Germany…which, to Americans means: the last 2 years of high school plus the first two years of undergraduate university.

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    Andrew J. Sacks says

    I will visit the website, and I always enjoy your contributions here, Miriam.

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