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Get A Life And Get Some Love

Get Some Love

You have met the man or woman of your dreams, your soul mate, the Ying to your Yang. You love spending as much time with them as possible. You text or call them constantly throughout the day because you feel the need to feel some type of connection at all times.

All is well then suddenly! Bam! You run into a brick wall. The calls stop and the text messages cease. You are confused and your heart is aching for what was. You are wondering what happened?

Everything was perfect. Your days were filled with joy and you approached them with love overflowing from your very pores. Just the thought of the one you cherished brought instant happiness. Their smile instantly made you glow, but now that they are gone your days are filled with gloom.

Even though you are blessed to rise to beautiful sunshine on most days, you feel as if a dark cloud of gloom is constantly looming overhead. The friends you tossed to the side to be with your supposed soul mate no longer have time for you. The projects you once held a high interest in lay unfinished because you are too down in the dumps to complete them.

You ask what happened? You question yourself wanting to know how you can pull up from the ditch that you have dug for yourself.

Well, I think I may have the answer to that question. Now mind you I am not an expert on recovering from bad relationships. My closest friends can attest to this however, being the person to give way too much in relationships and growing from it, I believe I can offer some information at least from my perspective.

‘Get a life!” In my Michael Baisden “that’s right, I said it” voice. “Get a life.”

For those of you that may not understand here goes. Along the course of dating and falling in love, some of us have become so caught up in our significant other we begin to live solely for them and not for ourselves. As I said before we stop spending time with our family and friends. We no longer do the things we enjoyed solely for our own personal enjoyment and benefit.

Some of us feel that we have nothing left. We even twiddle our thumbs in a state of confusion, wondering what to do next. Well, I know we should not wait around for our lost love to come walking back through the door. We cannot revolve our life and every breath we take around one being.

If you have found yourself in this predicament I suggest that it’s time to get a life in order to get some love into your life.

When you are busy pursuing your dreams, spending time with your own set of friends and doing the things that you enjoy you will not have time to sulk and sit around too long waiting for your mate to return.

While they are doing them you will be doing you.
So when you embark on your next relationship your chances in running them away, will not be as great due to smothering them. You will give them the opportunity to miss you. Then the time you spend together will mean that much more.

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