Fear Of Intimacy and Related Emotional Issues


Fear Of Intimacy

Fear Of Intimacy

Fear of intimacy is one of the emotional issues from which many people suffer. It is a personality disorder that can and should be treated.

All of us have an urge to feel an essential sense of belonging to somebody. We all need to belong to something or somebody, and we also have the need to love. If we do not have good human relations then living our lives becomes challenged with immense problems.

Human Relationships

For the health of our psyche, giving and caring is crucial so that we can nurture human relationships and continue to feel good. Fear of intimacy can also wreak havoc when it comes to sex and dating.

Fear of intimacy can also hamper all human relationships and might further lead to disorders like social phobia, depression, and other psychological disorders. Some of the factors that contribute to fear of intimacy are fear of exposure, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of responsibility. When it comes to fear of exposure, most of us try to cover or hide something that is part of the personality of others. This could build walls between our relationships.

Fear of Rejection

When it comes to fear of rejection, which is a part of the fear of intimacy, most of us have doubts that if the other person completely knows the real or the true self. Will they continue to love us? In order to come out of the fear of intimacy, one should deal with the issue of fear of rejection too.

In the same way, fear of failure also is a part of the fear of intimacy. When it comes to overcoming this fear, you need to follow some tips or methods. First, accept yourself completely and start loving yourself completely.

Physical Appearance

If you are completely comfortable with yourself, then you can be comfortable with others and others can be comfortable with you. Accept this fact and remember the fact that every human being will have some positive and negative points in them. There is nothing wrong with having a shortcoming in your personality or your physical appearance.

Start talking to people and your close relationships. Speak openly about various issues of your life to your loved ones or your dear ones. This will help you a lot in overcoming this fear of intimacy. While sharing your personal feelings suspend the fear of judgment.

Opinion and Judgment

Do not think that the other person will judge you or label you as a particular kind of person. It is impossible to control others’ opinions, so even if you hide something people who label you will continue to do that. Nevertheless, there is more chance that your loved ones will understand you and they will care more for you. Accept this fact and try to overcome this fear of intimacy at least with your loved ones. This way, you can nurture healthy human relationships and live a very happy life.

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