Fear Is A Mother


Fear Is A Mother

Fear is a powerful instrument that can be used to hold us back. It is an emotion that can literally grab a hold of a person, leaving him or her feeling helpless, vulnerable, and stagnating.

Even after convincing ourselves that we can and will be successful at what we set our sights on, fear has a way of creeping up on us and lashing out its venom, and paralyzing us. It slowly slips its way into our psyche and suddenly out of nowhere, it snatches away the courage, faith, and boldness that was once there.

Fear Is A MotherFear paralyzes us from moving forward. I know that we have heard this before and it may sound like a common clique, but it is what it is. Fear has stopped many from succeeding. Just when we are near the point of reaching our goal, we stop. We allow fear to stop us dead in our tracks and we give up. We give up not realizing that the finish line was just around the corner.

You may have heard the saying before that “a setback is actually a setup.” When detrimental things occur some may have a tendency to wallow in its residue. But how many times has a situation that appeared to be the end of the world turned out to be better than you expected?

I guess I’m saying you should look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. I believe we should take our negative experiences and at least try to find an opportunity that may be hidden dormant, waiting to sprout open.

Imagine if President Obama allowed fear and doubt to take control. Imagine if he listened to the haters and naysayers, and took his eyes off the prize.

Your choice to overcome your own personal fears may not affect others on the level of President Obama. Or maybe it does? Who knows how you may touch the lives of others that may cross your path.

We may never know whom our fears may affect. It may change not only your life but the lives of others.

So the next time you are overcome with fear and doubt remember to ignore it like the plaque. Refuse to acknowledge its presence and existence and keep your eyes focused on the prize.

  1. Avatar of Bonnie Lea Elliott
    Bonnie Lea Elliott says

    I do like this Article. Everyone should try to face these fears and it’s not easy. Well written and a great message. FIVE STARS!

  2. Avatar of Tzynya
    Tzynya says

    This is such an important topic.I suffer from anxiety which is a byproduct of fear.it can be paralyzing. Great article.

  3. Avatar of Shaye Shaye
    Shaye Shaye says

    Outstanding writing. Great sensitivity.

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