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Ego Development

Why is it about you – or me,  for that matter?

Those of you who know Sesame Street know that without each individual, no one subjective mind has a reality.  Each of us is and needs to be the center of our own little universe.  Excessive self-interest without concern for others often leads to evil and severe social problems…and sometimes being killed off or imprisoned by other members of the society who disagree about some of the behavior.

Most of us start getting told not to be so selfish from an early age, certainly by the time any of us is old enough to start school, age 5 years or so.  That continues throughout our entire lives.

Some individuals get really into taking care of other people, but if these people do not rigorously tend to themselves/ourselves when left alone, other people often either mock or frown – tsk, tsk….Just because we were told not to be so selfish did not mean it is acceptable to neglect oneself.

Well, it goes around and comes around again and again really, doesn’t it?

The same thing happened to me.  You all have great days and if you or a child you know is looking for something to read, please check out my work and visit Uranian Fiction and Alethia Publishing.

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